My He(ART)-Full Life

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now I become myself...

"Now I become myself. It's taken time, many years and places..."
                                                                                                        -May Sarton
Every day...I feel more and more mySELF. Like I am coming home. Sometimes...I wish I could have felt this way in my 20's..or even my 30's...where I was a virtual stranger to myself. I look back now and wonder..."who was that lost girl?" I feel sad and, to be quite honest,  a little scared for her. But I had to go through every single part to get to here. I had to have every single experience to get to this place where I stand now. Of course I know there will be difficulties ahead, as there are for all of us. But now I stand firm in myself. Rooted in the fullness of mySELF. It feels good! A few things I am embracing about myself...
* I love mythology!! I love the symbology, storytelling, age old wisdom and deeper understandings that come with it.
* I love girly-girly clothing with a slight edge to it...a very feminine blouse with motorcycle boots! A touch of exotic mixed with denim.
* I am brave! We all are...yes...we are!
* I love making up words...I don't think the word symbology exists!! At least that's what spellcheck says!
* I am practicing living in the moment. Its so much easier and more enjoyable than the control freak ways I had before!
How about you? What are you embracing right now? Do you feel yourSELF becoming more and more who you essentially are...with time, with age, with experiences?


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Such wise, wise words Soraya! I think that is the most beautiful thing about getting older...we are growing into what we were meant to become & embracing it. I am the same person now...but, that 20something...30 something girl had so much to learn about herself. Those lessons learned & experiences lived mold us into our "true" selves! I mean...God had to give us something right, because physically aging is no fun at times!! :)

patty said...

Soraya, I do feel that for many years my entire life was governed by work. I pretty much allowed it to take over my time and attention and did not let much else in.... So finally I am free to follow what I love and allow the parts of me that were hidden for so long to come out and play. I should have started sooner, but it's never too late!!

Wini said...

Great post Soraya! I'm also learning to accept that all my difficulties were for a reason. They enable us to learn and grow and fully appreciate our lives. Its so wonderful to see that you are embracing and accepting yourself as you are. I'm also practising with living in the moment. Once we learn to let go of our worries and judgements, its so much easier to enjoy life! Wini xo

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

I definitely feel as if I've rediscovered myself and come into my own power. Motherhood just seems to have stripped away all the distractions and brought me a new level of confidence and strength. I remember who I am. I only wish I hadn't wasted so many years of my life not following my heart & not embracing my life. I guess I just have to savor every moment from now on to make up for those lost years.

The package you sent arrived yesterday. Thank you sweet friend!! You are so very thoughtful. I really loved the gifts & the beautiful card. It brightened a rough day (Hurricane Irene was a bit stressful lol).