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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

altered pages: tips and techniques

Since I have been immersing myself in altered pages for the past month, I wanted to share some of what I have learned in terms of tips and techniques (+ fave. products!). I hope you will find this interesting and maybe even inspired to try some of these out for yourselves. It is so fun and addictive...pinkie-swear! There is so much freedom, learning and joy (not to mention therapy!!) that comes with art journaling. Plus...working in my art journal nourishes my's like a mini vacation!
Some of my very fave products:
*patterened tape...the ones above are by 7 Gypsies. There is also this tissue tape  by Tim Holtz . Love!! You can use it in so many ways.
* Tim Holtz distress gives you depth and an aged look. Way too awesome!
*stamps! All kinds.
* 7 Gypsies...tags, papers, everything!
* bubble wrap
*archival pen (to journal with)
*inks, paints, gesso
But really, anything goes! I am constantly on the lookout for things I can use...packaging from Tara's toys,  receipts, stamps, junk mail, old letters and cards, envelopes...anything!

1. After I gesso my pages and let dry, I apply washes of paint. Here you can see I have used a few different washes and darker inks at the edges. I blot the middle of the page with a paper towel so I can journal in it later.
2. This is another page...I love depth, texture and layers to my page so after the paint dries, I add collage, stamps... and now I use opaque paints.

3. Next I add other elements I love...letters, words, more collage... and there's that tissue tape. There are no rules, just having fun!
4. This is the tissue tape again; I used it at the edge of each page for extra support as well as aesthetic purposes. Doesn't it look so yummy?

Now comes the super fun part...where I add writing

Here is a completed page. You can also write on the pages and then gesso over it just letting a little peek through.
A few tips:
* I try to always use archival products because I want it to last. Of course some of the collage I use are everyday/found items so I add a matte varnish over the top of the page when it is complete to seal it.
* While I do try new products I try not to get into the gotta' have everything mode ; I use a lot of what I already have. It's difficult I know because I want to buy every single Tim Holtz/7 Gypsies product ever made! But besides the cost factor (it can add up!!)...I find that it inhibits my creativity to have too many products. I pick a few faves and then come up with the other stuff on my own. It keeps things fresh and unique.
* You can photocopy personal things like  a piece of your grandma's dress, keys, letters, flowers etc and then use the printed paper as collage. This makes it super personal.
* there are no rules!
If you would like to see how I prepared the book you can see the whole process here. Would love to know what you think + some of your tips and techniques. Thanks for looking!
And I know you all won't mind me posting a recent pic of my Tara. I'm such a proud mommy to watch my little girl grow heart just bursts with sweetness.


SooZeQue said...

Those are turning out awesome. Looks like a lot of fun with the freedom to just do anything. No staying in the lines! So many crafty ideas ..... so little time. Tara is a total Diva in her Kitchen! hugs

laurie said...

i love your pages! you make me want to get out all my stuff and play but, unfortunately, i had to bring some work home to do tonight. maybe this weekend...

eva diva said...

Hi Soraya, I love Tim Holtz's distress inks too, they give such a dreamy, faraway & aged look, and is quite versatile when it's mixed with diff colours. For me I get lost easily when shopping for art materials, but am giving myself a break and just use what I've bcos sumtimes after buying the materials just sits there. I love making do with what I've, like u say, with limitation sometimes one can create art that's never expected prior! Love ur new hair-do & profile pic!