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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

altered book DIY

Since I have become so interested in altered books...playing and experimenting and learning...I wanted to share this project. I can't believe I haven't delved into this sooner...books + art = a few of my very fave things!!
a vintage book
patterned paper, ephemera
heavy gel medium
acrylics, inks, markers
Shiva oilstiks
gloss varnish
*these are the materials I used but of course...anything goes!
*The first thing I do is pick out a (sturdy) vintage book; I bought a few at the local library sale for a steal. I then use gel medium to collage bits of patterned paper, a page from a can add photos, epherma, anything really.

*Then I add gesso just covering certain parts while allowing some of the papers to show through. The crinkles just add to the texture!

*next I add some Golden liquid acrylic paint...I use Paynes Gray on the edges to give it a vintage look and I use some Burnt Sienna as well. I use a bottle cap to make patterns in the gesso and allow to dry.

*I add some color inside the circles, a few stickers (these ones are by Tim Holtz) and sketch in a figure. I use some inks on the top and let them drip down to give the cover even more dimension and a very aged look.

*I use Shiva Oilstiks and lay in the face colors. Let dry for 24 hours.

*I glue about 6 pages together at a time and gesso them to give me a really sturdy surface to art journal in. It is tedious I know but...well worth it.

*complete the face and hair, add facial features with Pitt pen, lay in more color using acrylics and add that cute cute cute vintage doorknob (this one by Tim Holtz) with heavy gel medium. Allow to dry overnight.
*add a vintage key with hemp, some words and coat with gloss varnish. The possibilities are endless; you can turn this into an art journal, a photo album, a decorative piece. I just love this! Right now it sits on my dresser but soon, I am going to be art journaling in it! Love!!!


NatashaMay said...

Looks amazing! Was it hard for you to "destroy" a book?

I did an altered book a while back but it was hard for me to chose the right one. :) I'm so attached to books and don't want to mess in them.:) Now what I do is I buy vintage books in foreign language that I don't understand and probably on some weird technical subject so I don't feel bad destroying them. :)

I'm looking forward to the next page. :)

Meegan, blue moon mama said...

Love love love love this!!! I'm a huge fan of altered art books and this one is gorgeous. I hope you'll fill it with all sorts of juicy HEARTfull goodness like the things you write about here in your journal. Hmm, I should check easy and look for altered art books to buy. I've promised myself that I'll start buying art and things that inspire my soul to fill our new apartment with beauty and a feeling of sacred connection, something that's been lacking in our last two rentals. Gotta turn this new place into a real home, maybe even a sanctuary. And YES!! I can't wait to get my hands on a few of KRR's newthings. I'm so wanting a bunch if her intention candles & a square magnet board, just for starters. I'm feeling so much deeper, more in love with my life and mySELF since having my beautiful boy. So much to write about as soon as I get time. You've been in my heart very much lately.I'm Sending you some loving thoughts my friend!!

eva diva said...

Hi Soraya,

I am so loving your altered work, loving the door knob and key. I am a fan of Tim Holtz quirky art thingies too. I love how vintage the artwork feels, she is truly honoring the journey-past, present and future.

I did not yet take her class but am so inspired by Jen lemen, one of the creator of Mondo Beyondo ever since I know her
.Just stealing the idea of the wishlist bcos I heard it's a fantastic and fun-filled course too.I'll probably take the course next year.

Love 2 u,

jane said...

Oh I love it too, I want to make one! Dreamy!

laurie said...

what a great tutorial! i want to make one this minute. :-) yours is beautiful and i'm sure the inside will be as well.

ArtPropelled said...

No surprise that you love this process. Your piece has turned out beautifully, Soraya. I remember the first time I read about book altering. I was totally blown away.

patty said...

Soraya, I got myself a nice un-used "memory book" at the Goodwill and have been doing the same thing! (except for the lovely girl). I'm just gesso-ing as I go and using some old self-portraits. Super fun!!