My He(ART)-Full Life

Monday, July 11, 2011

bounty of he(ART)

(the most amazing piece of loveliness)
I don't know what's been going on over here but I have been receiving a bounty of the most fabulous, over the top gifts. Today I received this gorgeous piece of sculpture from the ever so talented Miss SSQ. Can you even believe such beauty? I have never seen anything quite like it! It has all the weight and form of a sculpture but the poetry, grace and delicacy of jewellery. I was going to hang it up in my studio but decided on the kitchen window, where it can catch the early morning sun rays. I can revel in its' beauty while I drink my morning coffee and Tara can enjoy it too. She is completely entranced by it. As if this wasn't enough, SSQ send me a poem that is reflective of exactly where I am in my life. Isn't is so amazing when these bits and pieces of synchronicity happen? It is a gift...unimaginable...the Universe speaking to us and us being in  space to actually...listen. Here is an excerpt of the delicious poem...
"...We are powerful. I want love to be my power. I want my waves to gently move back and forth and wash away the past and polish the future"
I am going to meet this wonderful lady someday...I just know it! And we are going to hoot and holler, have a cup of tea (or a vodka!) and do a happy dance!
(membership to the Joy Warrior club!)
Then I received this delicious card in the mail (thank you sweet Lis!). I am officially a member of the Joy Warriors club! What does that mean, you ask?I think it  means soaking up all the joy in the world and then...passing it on!!! It means blowing bubbles in the sunshine, making puddles in the rain, eating  a delsih Italian means art and poetry and  a great read...holding hands, laughter of friendship, community ... I am going to go find out!!!  Will you join me?

(you are enough)
Now let me tell you a little bit about sweet lady Jane. She is the exact perfect combination of sweetness and sass. It may be hard to pull off for most people...but she does it effortlessly! She is always sending me the most delightful pieces of art and poetry...they are little pieces of love, inspiration and soul food that come in the mail. I have these art/poetry/love notes all over our house...a prayer flag in my studio,this one here in Tara's play area and one in the entrance. I love them! They instantly put  a smile in my heart and fill me up with the most wondrous joy.
Thank you dear friends...from the bottom of my heart. I think that has been one of the most amazing surprises of this blogging community...for the absolute very first time in my life, I am meeting kindred souls who value the same things I do. I don't have to explain why I can stand entranced for hours in front of  a beautiful piece of art, or why I can devour a delicious piece of poetry or music...and it can sustain me for years. There is no need to explain such beauty. Only the joy in sharing it. I am ever so grateful for this bounty of heart.


jane said...

DEAR HEART, Your expression of appreciation filled my heart! And I feel the same way...we have our "Art families" which are such a lovely surprise! xx jane
(I want to get together for a vodka visit too!)

laurie said...

oooo, i love that phrase "art families" that jane just used!

you must be putting good things out into the universe to receive such bounty. :-)

scrapwordsmom said...

What beautiful gifts you have received...I am not surprised. You are a lovely soul sweet Soraya:)

Did you ever see your mail art in Somerset??

Love to you!!!

SooZeQue said...

Momma always said "it is better to give than to receive". Happy you are enjoying all of your treasures!

eva diva said...

Your blog is a pure bountiful land of joy and beauties, just sharing your bliss makes me happy. It's great that the spirit of art expands through sharing, and i think the creative community of women are such treasures to behold. Am lovin your last post too, "trusting in the messy". My current life story too!