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Friday, July 15, 2011

under a lazy spell

Lazy days over here. Usually we are up and about doing all sorts of things. I mean there is just so much to see and do over here...and of course, the beach is always a fave! But these past few days we have been lost under a lazy spell. The most ambitious thing we did was venture out to a Thai restaurant. Otherwise, you will find us laying out in our backyard on large beach towels...reading and sipping ice cold lemonade,  Tara playing in her little pool,  riding her red tricycle or running around in her birthday suit!!
She is just growing up so fast...I am really trying to savor each moment; just tuck them away in my heart and keep them there forever. There has been nothing that has made me so acutely aware of the passage of time like becoming a mom. For me, now, everything is measured in relation to Tara growing up; all of her milestones.
It's difficult with Tim being away so much for work and to be quite honest, I feel horribly guilty about complaining when so many (especially military)  families are separated for so much longer. So...I try to keep things in perspective. But... we still miss him terribly. And I need to honor that and put it out there; it is  difficult on our little family.
Also...I ordered some art supplies and altered book goodies so hopefully I should have them here next week. In the meantime... enjoying these lazy few days over here...hope you are enjoying your days too.


jane said...

Hey Soraya, it is perfectly healthy and okay to express difficulties in living without your husband all week, being a single mom is tough! But you are handling it beautifully...playing, reading, enjoying the summer, savoring your sweet moments with Tara...I don't call that lazy, I call it L I V I N G!

SooZeQue said...

Enjoy those lazy sweet moments now ~ they are grown and gone all too soon. Then they take your grandkids and move far away!! WHAA WHAA WHAA. My husband was on the road touring in our younger days and I was alone many weeks at a time and it does get lonesome and old, so I do know how you feel. But what can you do ~ you just take each day and get thru it and savor the weekends.

ArtPropelled said...

I think Tim would be a little worried if you didn't miss him. You needn't feel guilty Soraya. Its natural to feel this way and you do such a fine job nurturing Tara and making sure that your home is beautiful for Tim when he returns.

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Love love love love love this photo!! The bond you & Tara share is so beautiful to see. Enjoy your lazy days. This time while they are little is so fleeting we should savor every second.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

You have to love lazy days in summer! It gives your mind & body time to rest. Plus it is usually during those times that we truly get to savor all the simple little treasures life has for us. Looking forward to seeing what you create with the new art goodies you are getting! :)