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Friday, April 29, 2011

everything royal

(Watching the Royal wedding)
Tara and I have been sick with the flu bug so today, we huddled up on the couch and watched everything royal! I remember watching Princess Di's wedding...I was just a girl and we were still in South Africa. In my young mind and imagination..I just could not believe that here was  a real, true to life princess! Of course at that time, no-one could predict the horrific tragedy of it all. Not just Diana's untimely death...but the pain and loneliness of being married to a man who so clearly did not love her. The last time I even paid any attention at all to the Royal family was when Diana died...but today I felt so elated and joyful to see her son marry. It was a little sad too...because Princess Di was not there.
But...I loved everything! Kate's  (oops! Its' Catherine now!) dress (stunning and elegant, traditional and modern all at once), the double kiss on the balcony and all the pomp. Of course it's not fair to compare Kate and Diana's inevitable. Kate is much older than poor Diana was (I mean...who knows anything at 19??!) and seems so much more...her own woman. I so sincerely hope that their marriage lasts. I think Diana's story taught us that there's no such thing as fairy tales (except...well, in fairy tales!!) but...there is love and commitment and enduring friendship. There is respect and a life built together over years. That real life is so much more complicated and joyous and better than any spun up story. And we all just love a good love story. I think with William and Kate...we have one!


oil painting classes said...

The royal wedding has indeed been the talk of most people! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Carola Bartz said...

The real problem for them is that they will always be "on stage" - the reporters will never be far away. I can't imagine a life like that. My vision of hell.
I was in England when Diana died. If I hadn't seen it with my very own eyes I would not have believed how the country reacted to that. It was a national shock.

kelly said...

I watched a little of it too. it was amazing. Hope you two feel better soon!