My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, May 1, 2011

making room for creativity

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." -Maya Angelou

My journey as an artist and full time creative being didn't really begin until I turned 30! Until then,I didn't even consider mySELF to be creative! Sure...I went through bursts of creativity and always read about other artists, visited museums and delved into different creative endeavors wasn't until I made room in my life to live creatively that everything changed. Here are a few things I have learned along the way:
1. don't pay attention to what other people think/say. Before I married Tim, I lived in a very spartan one bedroom apartment. I had turned my whole living room into my art studio. I didn't have any fancy furniture; a bed, a table and  2 chairs...and no T.V.!! But I had tons of art, magnificent drawings, books, bouquets of roses, photographs, music...all the things that filled me up and fed me.

2. take care of yourSELF...physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I think the stereotype of the tortured artist is...well, overrated! Yes, we can channel our pain and life experiences to create but...I find that when I have a healthy lifestyle, I have more energy to think, write, paint...
3. I write everything down-all my ideas for paintings, DIY projects, color schemes for Tara's nursery...everything!
4. creating isn't only about painting or writing infuses all aspects of our lives. It's how we create our space at home, it's thinking of different ways to do things, it's re-purposing what we's writing, photography, baking and sewing. It's raising a child well and sitting under a full fat moon listening to music. It's life.
 5. the creative journey is no different than our life journey...they are one and the same. There are ups and downs and twists and turns and unexpected detours.
6. carve out a physical space for creativity...whether it's a journal or sketchbook, a corner of the kitchen or  a whole room.
7. don't be afraid of is one of our greatest teachers.
8. don't let fear stop you. Aren't we all afraid of  a gazillion things? But when we focus on small steps...we start to think creatively and the more we accomplish, the more creative we become!

*so many, many times I hear people say " I'm just not creative"...but we all are...if we just give ourSELVES the time and space and heart.


laurie said...

such important things to remember - you should put them onto a poster!

Diane said...

Yes!! to everything you said. People will say the same to me about not being "talented". I tell them that they are-they just have to find it, and once they find whatever their passion is--they'll know. Love the quote too by Maya.

NatashaMay said...

Great advice and so beautifuly said. I find it the hardest to not be afraid of failure. It terrifies me and I stil have issues with it.

scrapwordsmom said...

Such wonderful reminders. I wasn't all that creative either...or so I thought. It has just been in the last 2 years when I have really started to BLOOM!!:)

Thank you for sharing...Love it!

Eva said...

Yet another post to feed my soul and reflect upon on my creative journey,beautifully written!I can feel creativity surging from u n ur love for life is just mind boggling!thank q for being u Soraya.I m proud of myself for listening to my own heart's voice making art and taking Care to trust my decision,so far it has been priceless

patty said...

Dear Soraya, I couldn't agree more with everything you have said here!! It's part of the basis of my retreats and I was just writing something similar this morning to share(!) Well said - we are on the same page! Hope you are both feeling better and able to enjoy the warm weather!! XO

Lis said...

Beautiful Soraya! I especially love number 5: "the creative journey is no different than our life journey...they are one and the same. There are ups and downs and twists and turns and unexpected detours. "

And I write everything down as well! I call it my "to remember" lists ...

love the pix at the end. What a beautiful live you are co-creating with your husband and Tara.

Big sunshine smile coming your way! xo Lis

Rita Banerji said...

To recognize that our creativity is the essence of being human! Beautiful post Soraya.