My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, February 20, 2011

are you listening?

" The way to maintain one's connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls."
                                                                                                                -Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

These past few weeks, as I have been searching for my painting style, I have been asking mySELF...what is calling me? My soul has been talking and I have been listening. Like so many many of us, I haven't always listened. There have been times in my life when I have ignored, stuffed down, shrugged off and dismissed...mySELF. Do you know what I mean? But no more. Life is just  too short and as I get older...uh! I mean wiser (more courageous!!! )...I find mySELF listening. Not that it is easy. It is really difficult finding the time, space and energy to balance motherhood, marriage, blogging, painting... but it is necessary. Here is what is calling me right now...
* my family...Tara and Tim are the center of my life. At this most important task is to mother Tara. I want to fill her up with so much love...that she overflows. I want to respect her and listen to her and plant the seeds of raising a strong girl. I want to nurture my marriage and love this man who walks by my side on this journey. Right here, right now
*painting-searching deep deep inside of my soul and letting things flow. Pouring all of mySELF onto the canvas..."mistakes" and all.
*community-I have been meeting so many many amazing people that are nourishing me in ways I never thought possible...with acceptance, understanding and creativity. The world is opening up wide wide wide and I am finding my sense of belonging. It feels like home.
*art journalling-right now I am strongly feeling the pull to experiment and delve deeper into this art form. There are so many things to try much to learn!
*Being in the moment. Letting go of expectations while still setting goals and trying my best.
*Starting my exercise program again.

What is calling you? And more importantly, dear soul...are you listening?


Carola Bartz said...

What I always like about you, Soraya, is your honesty. Go after what is calling you - your family, painting, art journaling. You will find your way, your style - and feel contentment, happiness, fullfilment. I'm positive about that.

ArtPropelled said...

Serenity shines from the painting you are working on. I always feel this serenity when I visit your blog. Just keep doing what you are doing Soraya. Your style is there. I'm trying to remember a quote I read somewhere....
I'll be back when I find it. A quote that was an AHA moment for me.
Oh and I love the photo of Tara's little hands with crayons!

scrapwordsmom said...

I LOVE your posts and I MISSED them while my computer was down.

So EVERYTHING on that list is what I am doing, too!! And I hear you on the art journaling...I am in love with it!! Soooo many new techniques to try.

During my 31 Days Challenge that starts March 1st we will be working on Art Journals. Hope you join me!!

Love to you!!!!

patty said...

It's a great question, Soraya, one that I need to keep asking. Since I left my job, I have struggled with trying to define what it is my heart is calling me to. Sometimes I feel totally on the right path and other times not so much. It's a process for sure. Setting goals and putting them in writing helps to define things. It surprises me to hear you question your style because to me, it is very unique, colorful and heartfelt.

Beth Lumsden said...

Hi Soraya and Tim! And Tara, of course :) It was so nice to meet you guys, and have not stopped thinking about all we talked about at Outback! Hope to keep in touch, Beth Lumsden