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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

searching for my style

 I have been unpacking some of my paintings these past few days...and I realise that I am still searching for my style. I think all my paintings have a cohesive feel to them but then I wonder...are they all too similar? Am I stuck? Am I scared  to evolve ...change? As much as I really want to get back to painting right away...putting paint to canvas... I think I need to do some soul work...exposing/writing/discovering/playing in paint first...which got me do I find my style anyway? I think a lot of us struggle with this...
Here are a few things I came up with from reading what other artists do plus my own experience...
1. read and expose myself to as many other artists as possible
2. collect elements that I love (shape, line, color combinations, text, pics, fabrics) of visuals that speak to me. Put them up on my inspiration board or sketchbook
3. write write write...about my art, about what I want to convey. Write poetry or journal. I find that in my words lie the seeds of my he(ART)
4. paint! Without expectations... Don't be afraid of making mistakes or wanting every piece to turn out a certain way...experiment, play, invent, be silly, try different techniques. Make a happy mess and fall flat on my face:)  Work through the frustration and ugly parts of a painting...
5. pay attention to my intuition. What is it that my heart is telling me?
6. realise that while I may admire other artists' work...only I can bring into the world the pieces of mySELF that I pour into my art
7. know that we are all creative souls in bloom. And it takes courage big and huge and wide and deep to put ourSELVES out there and and do what we do
                                      (Creative Soul in Bloom, archival prints coming soon!)
Do you have any tips, techniques, stories to share about finding your style? Are you still searching too? I would love to know!
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Wini said...

Hi Soraya, I'm also searching for my style. Maybe this constantly evolves as we change and grow?? I love your list! I also like to be inspired by what's around me including nature, exhibitions, galleries, movies & music. Have you heard of The Artist's Way? The book mentions Artists dates to feed creativity.

Nikki said...

I've struggled a lot with this question. I think the most important thing is no. 4 on your list - just make a lot of stuff and your style will develop and shine through. Actually, your style already does shine through beautifully but sometimes it's hard to recognize that in our own work.

SooZeQue said...

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
- Helen Keller

If that is all you will always find you, your style, your place. I believe that changes often only because we change everyday. So just go with it and let it be what it is. It will speak to you as you quietly listen.

amy said...

hey soraya! it's been too long, i know. i think of you often, though!! i love this post. and love those thoughts on finding your style. man, do i struggle with this a lot. i think the one i relate to the most is stick with it through the frustration and ugly parts. i do think working actively through the stuff you don't like--it gets to you a whole different side of things. and a discovery is made! i also really feel like i have to constantly remind myself to LET GO of what i'm doing and just do. let my spirit get out and keep my brain and the critic from getting too involved. miss you! hope all is well. xo

Lis said...

I think I've stopped trying to uncover my style and am allowing it to find me. I think it will evolve and change as our understanding of ourselves and our purpose changes. In the beginning, I think it is essential to experiment and try lots of things on ... then listen to what makes you feel alive, what is authentically you.

Curiosity is a big thing for me right now ... really, the work is just a snapshot of your journey towards understanding ... at least it is in my case.

I guess I am agreeing with everyone above!

xo Lis
(oh, Style Statement has been helpful for me, not so much in my art work, but in how I approach my life, my world ... it all trickles down ...)

Kelly said...

Wow. Where have I been? Thanks for your warm words the other day. I guess I have been in kind of a slump.
Family Day is such a great idea! We are always together (the kids and I) but I like the idea of declaring "Family Day." You've got me thinking now...

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely post, Soraya! Something very surprising has come out of my Tumblr blog and this is an observation several of us on Tumblr have discovered. Collecting the images I like for my Tumblr blog has made me aware of what my style is. It wasn't my intention when I started the blog but looking back at my archives page has been quite an AHA! moment.