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Friday, January 14, 2011

goodbye Miramar

We are moving early tomorrow morning...I can't believe that it's been 7 weeks (?) since we came to Ca. In some ways it seems much much longer but in other ways...time has just whizzed you know what I mean? It's kinda' funny how that happens. There were 2 b-days plus Xmas and New Years...all spent right here on Miramar Marine Base. I must say that they have completely taken care of us and made this very difficult period of transition much smoother so we feel super lucky. But still, boy! are we glad to leave!! I mean it's pretty difficult living in a hotel with  a toddler.  While we've been here, I have been indulging in a few things I would never otherwise do...
* watching The Office...the show is hilarious! and don't we all know a few of those zany characters in real life???
* eating those microwavable not recommended!
* taking Tara to the playground 3-4 times a day
Here's some of what our lives have looked like this past while...
(I have been wearing a variation of this outfit pretty much everyday!!)
This is where I have been blogging from...this tiny desk and Tim's you can see, I have my little sidekick with me all the time. With sketchy internet connections and Tara wanting to play with the has been a challenge. But so glad I have been able to blog during this time; it has kept me sane and been such a tremendous source of strength and support.

(U.S. Marine fighter jets...right here on Miramar!!)
We pass by this plane on our morning walks...there are 3 of them. They are actual Marine fighter jets that were used in WWII and have  been retired right here on Miramar. They are not as big as you might expect but you can tell...they are mean fighting machines!! Even today!! I am not really into planes and things but these jets are beautiful! Streamlined and powerful...they are built to last! Tara just loves them! Maybe she thinks they are super huge toys to play with!!

  (Tara with her doll Mimi...and that's the gorgeous quilt I was telling you about. I put it on the bed to make things more homey!!)

The biggest surprise has been how much Tara has  grown these past few months ...The pic above was taken a few days ago and...hasn't she just sprouted up? She is sooooo tall now and  developing new mannerisms every day. I hardly ever see the little baby in her anymore...only every now and then when she's just about to fall asleep. For the most part, she's a little girl... in full blown terrible two's mode at that!! Her very newest thing is throwing herself on the floor when she doesn't get her way!! I think once we settle down and she's back to her routine...she will stop this very annoying habit. Okay!! I hear some of you chuckling over there but...that's my hope anyway:) Oh! and that cute little flower headband lasted about a full minute on her head before it was ripped out and thrown on the floor!! Overall though, she has handled this very difficult period of transition remarkably well. I am very proud of her.
Well...goodbye Miramar and this period of our lives...thank you for taking such good care of us.
*Hopefully we will have the Internet hooked up at our new place soon so I can be back to blogging :) Please check back soon...I just can't wait to show you our backyard-it's just crazy beautiful..did I mention there are rosebushes?


SooZeQue said...

Awesome! How fun it will be to wake up in your new house this weekend. Have fun can't wait to see your new digs!

ArtPropelled said...

Can't wait to see your new surroundings. Tara has indeed sprouted. She's so grown up and I love the photo with flower hairband. I can imagine how relieved you are to be moving into your own place. Sending good wishes for everything running smoothly. Next time you post you will be in your new house! Exciting!

Kelly said...

Yay! That adventure is over...on to the next. I love that quilt! It's beautiful. Your girl is a doll (and yes, I was chuckling :))

eva diva said...

Oh Soraya, Tara sounds like both the angel and the devil all in one glorious little girl!=) Being a mom and an artist together at once must be the world's toughest job, yet I think you're managing with so much grace! Hope to see your crazy beautiful garden with the rosebushes soon!

Robin Norgren said...

So funny to see this pics-ah base life! Mike has been on that base a few times so I have visited him there as well. That base is the place he was at when I said "I love you" to him for the first time over the phone! ah yes...I love that base... xoRobin