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Monday, January 17, 2011

early this our new home

We have been so busy busy here...unpacking and settling in. We are tired happy to be here. I took these pics early this morning while everyone was asleep...
Looking out the kitchen window.

The gorgeous stunning...crazy beautiful rose bushes in our backyard. And they are in bloom right now!!! Oh...and just love those banana trees! Plus...there is a secret garden that we had no idea was there...hidden away...a wonderful, magical surprise. Can't wait to show you pics!

The area behind us is a wildlife preservation area...lots of cactus and wild blooms. The backyard is very private and secluded.

My studio!!! The early morning light is just's a small and cosy space but has tons of light pouring in. Can't wait to get things set up! My very own so happy!! The rest of the house is an absolute mess with boxes everywhere. But...we are slowly making progress. Tara is so happy to finally see all of her toys unpacked. Our first priority is to set up her nursery. We still haven't had a homecooked meal...but soon, very soon!


risa said...

How wonderful to have flowers blooming! It's the dead of winter here in the midwest! Thanks for sharing. In the midst of a move myself, so I understand the fatigue and yet, excitement of a new space. Enjoy!

patty said...

Yea!!! So happy for you!!! I know each little thing will be such a contrast to how you have been living. I am kind of in that same space... a little ahead of you with unpacking, but it's kind of fun to set stuff up just the way you want it. I've been sick this weekend and still don't have my energy back, but hopefully soon!!

Oh, boy, you are really going to enjoy that backyard... and your studio!! And how about this weather??

I love how you have been blogging right through everything. It's all there.... documented!

Kelly said...

I'm so happy for "your very own studio", and those rose bushes are fantastic!! :)

Kerri said...

that view!!! very happy for you- looks like a great place to be!

carol gourley said...

Your gardens are beautiful and your studio is going to be perfect. Set that up first before anything else. Home cooked meals can wait a bit longer.