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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


(Tara in her new super cute rain booties)
It has been pouring buckets these past few days; I guess the whole of Ca has been hit by record rain. Parts of Northern Ca are even buried under tons of snow. Poor Tara has been cooped up inside so yesterday I bought her some rain boots (aren't they sooooo cute??) and today we went playing in the rain! Splish splash! I bundled up her up, took her ball and went to the park. We are very lucky here on Miramar...there are tons of really nice playgrounds, some of which are partially covered. Well...Tara had a wonderfully fun time...and we both got totally soaked. We came back inside all shivering wet and happy. Next came hot chocolate and snuggles.
Also this...we put in an offer for a home-now comes that yucky part of negotiation and...waiting. Keeping our fingers crossed.
I can't believe that Xmas is just  a few days away-we are leaving most of our Xmas shopping for Friday...I know, I know!!  Totally last minute down to the wire over here!! One of my Xmas wishes is to get everything done in time! Another wish? Is for all of us blog-friends to sit around a fire drinking eggnog...chatting, laughing...our hearts full of love and warmth...sharing stories and fruitcake!! Maybe next year? My heart just beams thinking about it! Happy holidays friends.
*Let me just say that driving on the Ca freeways in the rain...a week before Xmas-not a good idea!!                                


Lis said...

Catching up after a crazy couple of weeks ...

Maybe it is just my sun starved self, but it seems to me that since you've moved, there is a really deep, rich, colorful intensity to your images here. Those boots! I feel like I've received a healthy dose of Vitamin V for vibrancy and Z for zest! Thank you!

If you get a chance, I am trying to win $ for charity ... I created a video and need all the votes I can get! The link is here:

and I blogged about it this week. (sorry for the shameless plug ... but I am learning to ask for help!)

Stay dry! Oh yes, CA roads in the rain are the worst! No one knows how to drive!

xo Lis

Kerri said...

i've heard about all that RAIN! my gosh! hope your having a great holiday! :)

Kelly said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
Love the rain boots!! X)