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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

reflection + sadness + hope = awakening

                                      (pic taken this morning-full of sadness, full of hope)

" There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"
                                                                                            - Maya Angelou
Maybe it's just this time of year...or maybe it's because I have a birthday coming up next week (yikes!! more on that later!)...or maybe just because...but I have been feeling very reflective lately. I have been thinking about my 2010 year review (coming up in my next blog post)... and boy! So much has happened this year; I feel like I have grown and changed so much but haven't had a chance to catch up to my new self. I have been feeling very sad lately but also full of hope.  Feeling very scattered if I am all in pieces; delicate and vulnerable...but strong as steel too. It may seem paradoxical...but the more open I am, the more true and honest and vulnerable I am...the stronger I get. Do you ever feel that way too? Where you  can toss off these shackles of "lets pretend" and...just be...who you are. So it's an awakening for become who I am meant to be; a true gift as I get older. I am claiming all my parts and pieces...shame, resilience, anger, bare truth, vulnerability, courage and gifts. I am claiming them in their beauty and telling my my way, in my time.  I am awakening to the fullness of mySELF. And it feel sad and hopeful and...good.
   (awakening to the fullness of herSELF, mixed media on canvas, archival prints available soon!)

When we claim all of who we are...our deepest ugliness and our greatest is then, that we step into ourSELVES fully...whole...Have you claimed your full self? If not now, when?


ArtPropelled said...

Your year has certainly been busy Soraya and not without trepidation due to the changes in your life, but you have come through it amazingly well. I always feel serenity when I visit your blog even when you are feeling sad. This time of year brings out that pensive side of us when we reflect and feel sadness for lost opportunities and we miss those who are no longer in our lives. Actually I dislike this time of the year. Too many memories to make me feel sad. Roll on 2011! Wishing you everything of the best for the new year!

Kelly said...

Your last post was beautiful. You have been a gift to me this year.
But, this post...this post is everything in my heart, and you've said it so perfectly.
I love your art (have I ever told you that before?). One day, (when I have $) I will hopefully own one of your pieces. :)

Kelly said...

Oh! When is your birthday? Mine is the 11th!

Wini said...

Dear Soraya, Thank you for sharing such an honest, touching and heart filled post. You have done so much and achieved a lot!! Happy New Year and may you continue to grow and have a creatively fulfilling and rewarding 2011. Wini xo