My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

on things left undone...

Sometimes...there are things left you know what I mean? There are goodbyes that aren't said, there are things in a muddle...there is uncertainty, regret, trepidation. Sometimes there is no closure...only jagged edges and emotions raw and fragile. Sometimes there is woulda', coulda', shoulda' and...remorse and bitterness for words left unsaid and feelings hidden. Sometimes there are no clean and tidy edges, no black and white, no straight lines. Sometimes...there is messiness, doubt and fogginess. Conversations unfinished...words hanging in the air.
When I was younger I thought that I had to always have a finite end, write long letters pouring out all my feelings or just avoid things altogether. Now I understand that life is full of things that are left...undone.'s okay! YES! It is! It is part and parcel of letting go, freeing up the SELF and trusting in our decisions. It comes with time and grace and honesty. So now when I leave things undone...I feel free and light and happy. Like a bird in flight...being in this moment. It's the letting go...

                                           (Letting Go Takes Courage, mixed media)

It's the unburdening of all the expectations and false hopes...the surrendering of dreams that will just never be...Giving up how we want things to make room for what is. Sometimes...things are left undone to open ourSELVES up to air and light and breath.

                                               (catching a sunbeam...yesterday morning)


Robin Norgren said...

what a gorgeous pic of you and your daughter! I am feeling those same feelings about being OK with things as they are because you know what? They are good. Different than I EVER expected, but good. xoxo

patty said...

Soraya, this is so insightful! I have been thinking a lot about this lately...the "unburdening of all the expectations and false hopes"... I have had a bit of a struggle with this lately, but I'm realizing it's all in my own head and I need to let it go. Great stuff. I hope your house-hunting has been productive and that you are soon settled!

Lis said...

Oh, you made it safe and sound! And it looks so lovely and warm (we are freezing here)

what a beautiful way to move through the end of the year - with new beginnings. you will have such memories of this time, this adventure for your family. fingers crossed you find The Home for your little clan :)

i'd say i'm sending warm thoughts and i guess the only warmth i have is thoughts, but maybe you could send some sunshine?

xo love

ArtPropelled said...

Such a joyful photo of the 2 of you caught in a sunbeam and your painting has an aura of serenity about it.
Yes I agree, it is alright to leave some things undone, though it might take a while to come to that conclusion. "It comes with time and grace and honesty". Have a wonderful day!

Kelly said...

This is the best post ever written! :) And the photo of you and your daughter is beautiful. Love it!