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Friday, October 15, 2010

our stories...they matter

                                                           (Truthteller, mixed media)
"The healing medicine of story does not exist in a vacuum...There is an integrity to story that comes from a real life lived in it"
                                 - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes , Women Who Run With the Wolves
Our stories matter! They are crucial, binding, sometimes lifesaving and always always always...human. In order for our stories to matter, though, for them to be to be valuable and powerful... I deeply believe that they have to be told with authenticity, truth, clarity, love and the spirit of sharing.
                                                             (Storyteller, mixed media)
We can tell our stories in so many ways...through our craft (writing, painting, photography), the way we love, how we raise our children, the way in which we treat complete strangers. Every thought, feeling and action comes with it's own story...if we listen. We can then share, or not share, these deep truths; the choice is up to us. Storytelling is built into our very souls. It has a history as long as we have walked this earth. It crosses time-lines, cultures, generations...Stories are how we learn, construct knowledge, imagine, live. They give us a deep each other, to the life. We all have a story...many stories. Sometimes there are stories inside of stories, old ones and new ones; some yet to be written.  And they all matter.

*speaking of stories... my heart soared at the dramatic rescue of the 33 Chilean miners; they were trapped for 69 days!! Their story is nothing short of a miracle! When so much of the news is bleak and depressing...this is so heartwarming. 


Lis said...

oh, i just love this ...

i didn't get a chance to take a class with Jen Lee at Squam and i so regret it (although i guess i will have to go again!) and her work is all about sharing our stories ... and the power of each story ...

i think this is what i love about blogging - the space to share stories and to hear each other and from that experience, find the courage and the voice to speak my story.

as always, you inspire me and i smile knowing your daughter is just going to have this amazing life because you have be inspiring her from day one!

xo lis

Kelly said...

This is so true. I read something once..."everyone has the right to tell their story", and it keeps me thinking... I hold back, because I don't want to hurt people, or appear bitter, or whatever, so my story stays locked inside of me...what good does that do? Your words are inspiring me today. :)

Carola Bartz said...

I share your feelings about the Chilean miners - what a miracle. It still brings tears to my eyes.
Yes, our stories do matter. I actually love to listen to other people's stories - but as you said, they have to be authentic. Nothing to show off or just drawing attention. But "real" life stories - priceless.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!

We watched the rescue on telly. So amazing and heart warming. ♥

patty said...

Soraya, I love this post and it really rings true for me right now. I am in the final stages of typing up my Mom's autobiography. 60 pages so far and it's all about her early life. Stuff I didn't know when she was alive. Sadly, I really only became interested after she died, but I am SO glad to have it. Today, on my birthday, I typed the part about when my dad asked her to marry him. Oh, my goodness.... it felt so fitting. I just feel really blessed to have this and so happy that she took the time to tell her story!! You are right on, my sweet friend!!

eva diva said...

Hi Soraya,

After watching Eat Pray Love recently, I kept thinking how this community of artists who blog have also some serious talent in writing. Especially you Soraya. Have you ever thought of publishing your written work? YOur words of wisdom of the creative life? Do consider it. =)

Like you say, everyone has a story to tell. And I just think this bloging community has alot to offer. I have thought about publishing myself for some time. Maybe in the future.

Rest well for the weekends.


Wini said...

Thanks Soraya, it is true that we all have a story to tell. I love your artwork "Truthteller" with the bird on the lady's shoulder and I kept thinking of the phrase "A little bird told me...". Agree that the rescue was truly amazing. Wini xo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely they do...
I wish my name was's been a while but it's so nice to visit you here again Soraya and read your beautiful and poetic words.

ArtPropelled said...

Indeed our stories matter and they connect us in many ways. Love this post Soraya!

I'm about to watch the rescue on TV in a few minutes time. Bell Roberts, a South African company, supplied a massive drill to help with the operation.