My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My heart's song

I feel as if I am the luckiest person in the world to be Tara's mom! She is my heart's song.  Here are a few things about my Tara:
* She really is as cuddly and lovable as she looks! She is all about the cuddles and kisses.
* She slept with me until she was about 8 months old .
* She loves loves loves her veggies!! (no complaints here!).
* She loves climbing everything; she's pretty rough and tumble.
* She acts totally different with me than with anyone else.
* She's mommy's girl...uh, until Daddy is here!

We have had a pretty rough week over here. Tara suddenly and mysteriously came down with a fever ...long long days and sleepless nights. She is on the mend  but guess what? I am getting sick! Yikes! Plus we are going to pack out our house in the next few weeks. My printer and scanner arrived many moons ago but it's still in the box! Just trying to keep up over here! It's only 9:15 p.m. but I am going to take some cold medicine and go straight to bed.


Kelly said...

What a cutie! Hope you feel better soon.

Carola Bartz said...

It's scary when the little ones so suddenly become sick with high fevers. It scared me a lot when Kaefer was still a baby/toddler and it's no difference today. However, they are also quickly on the mend which is nice, and my experience is that usually they either grow or go through a huge development while being sick. Really interesting. I hope you will feel better soon!

ArtPropelled said...

Tara is adorable! Loves vegs? .... how wonderful! So sorry you've both been ill. Stay quiet and be kind to yourself dear Soraya, so that you are stronger to pack up later. I'm so glad you will all be together again soon.

jacqueline said...

Tara is soo adorable! I am soo soo sorry to hear that both of you are feeling under the weather! I hope you and yours feel better soon and have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!

scrapwordsmom said...

Thinking of you!! Take time just for you. Rest, relax whatever it is you need to do. Your Tara is a sweetie!!

Big Hugs, my friend.


Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

She is so beautiful and I absolutely relate to this post. Our babies are our hearts! I think Nora and Tara would get along well. Nora's quite a little daredevil for a 9 month old,lol. I swear I've had to pull her off the coffee table three times today. She likes to get up on it and do a little dance.

I hope you are feeling better and that Tara is completely recovered. My hubby came down with a virus too which is why I hadn't answered your email or comments. I was dealing with him and trying to keep Nora from catching whatever it was (he had a fever too, maybe same virus as Tara). You are in my thoughts!!!