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Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 simple things...

10 simple things I am enjoying and loving up right now...
1. summer rain
2. writing in my journal...early in the morning...
3. homecomings (Tim comes home tomorrow!)
4. no boil lasagna noodles (brilliant!)
5. baby hugs and kisses
6. Italian opera (Verdi, Puccini and my fave...Andrea Bocelli)
7. warm bread...with butter + a hot cup of tea
8. a bouquet of flowers...from my garden
9. brand new art supplies
10. candles
What are some of the simple things you enjoy? I would love to know...

                                                                       ( for you...)


Kerri said...

nice simple list! :)

1. a/c!
2. my doggies and their lazy ways.
3. friends i feel so comfortable with and completely myself
4. my 88/90 year old neighbors and their example of a great marriage
5. my local library
6. the idea of FALL

Lis said...

1. art supplies for sure!
2. my green smoothie drinks (recipe changes with my mood)
3. morning cuddles with my sleepy girl (kindergarten is wearing her out!)
4. finishing a sewing project (even when they are all wonky, i am amazed at what thread and cloth can build)
5. finding books i want to read at my public library!
6, fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods
7. home brewed iced mint tea in my Sigg bottle at work
8. that quick, random click of the camera shutter which turns out to be by far a better shot than anything i "planned"
9. the community of my sunday morning yoga class
10. finding two pumpkin plants growing where i had discarded last autumn's pumpkins (and the rabbits haven't eaten them yet!)

xo Lis

ArtPropelled said...

1.Carving outside on a warm winters day.
2.Watching monkeys
3.Listening to the stream rushing by while I work.
4.Hearing my daughter and husband laughing uproariously.
5.Warm crusty bread and butternut soup.
6.Walking my dog early in the morning.
7.Smelling the pages of a new book.
8.Writing inspirational quotes into a notebook.
9.The smell of freshly mown lawns.

eva diva said...

Mine.. =) simply put,

1. eating ice-cream with a close friend
2. swimming
3. being still n breathing consciously
4. saying gratitude
5. noticing miracles unfold
6. taking pictures and have them turn out gorgeous (I am not a pro yet!)
7. Journaling down my thoughts and observations
8. Receiving a smile from strangers
9. Heartfelt hugs
10. Good conversations and sharing

and paint, paint, paint! Of course =)

Carola Bartz said...

Soraya! I love Andrea Bocelli, too!
Ok, here's my list as of today
1) hugs from my daughter
2) my daughter's laugh
3) homegrown veggies in my garden
3) my morning coffee
4) the hammock
5) Native American music
6) the daily Sudoku
7) working with canvas
8) taking pictures
9) blogging
10)taking naps!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Soraya, i love those gorgeous blooms...such beautiful colors. I really enjoyed reading your 10 simple things. I have a few similar things on my list like summer rain, writting in my hournal, brand new supplies and fresh flowers! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

scrapwordsmom said...

Lovely list. I am thankful for so much. Right now a happy family, my Church and art supplies top the list!

alison said...

simple happy list:
1. barefoot on grass
2. fluffy white clouds
3. gentle breeze
4. my kitty
5. coconut water
6. making simple happy list
7. resting
8. dreaming
9. emails from girlfriends
10. know that i am loved

Anonymous said...

1. petting my dog
2. hugs from the kids
3. ice
4. silence
5. soft sheets
6. indoor plumbing
7. clean drinking water
8. a roof that doesn't leak
9. chocolate!
10. friendly neighbors

Blue Moon Mama said...

MMM warm bread with butter, candles, and Andrea Boccelli now that sounds like a perfect evening! :)

Things I love:

1) The smell of a bookstore
2) Blank journal pages and a fine point pen.
3) Vintage Victoria Magazines & a bubble bath.
4) Crisp, cool fall days with a breeze carrying the wonderful smell of fallen leaves & wood smoke.
5) Taking candid photos at street fairs.
6) Burying my face in warm laundry and inhaling that wonderful clean scent.
7) Warm bread with butter and hot chocolate on a cold day.
8) Standing in the rain or listening to it fall against ther roof while cuddled up in bed with a good book and my hubby.
9) Napping with my baby and then watching her wake up with her usual big smile and giggles
10) Finding beautiful rocks on the beach

Blue Moon Mama said...

Just wanted to add that I hope you are glorying in your time with your husband!!!! It must be so nice to finally have him home.