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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work in Progress Part 2

I can't believe how this week has just gone by! This is part 2 of my painting process and I must say that this post has motivated me to keep working!

Materials Used:
Acrylic paint (mostly Liquitex, Golden fluid and regular)
Shiva Oilstiks
Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels
Pitt Artist Pen (black)
Collage materials (newspaper, sheet music, patterned paper)
Matte Medium
Canvas (gallery stretched)

I start laying in the colors for her face. I use Siva Oilstiks (I found out about these from a class I took with Misty Mawn). I use my fingers to blend. The colors and texture of these oils are luscious and creamy. Her collar is a piece of paper doily (so cute!)

I add some gesso mixed with water into the background. These drips and splatters add depth and texture. I let it dry.

I add more color to her face (for her lips and cheeks I use reds/browns and for the rest of her face I use white and yellow ochre with a warm brown tint). I use a black Pitt Artist pen to define her eyes, ears and face. I use white acrylic paint and a small round brush for the whites of her eyes.
* I use the Siva Oilstiks for her face only  and do NOT mix it with acrylic. The Portfolio Oil Pastels, however, are water soluble and can be mixed with water based paints.
* N.B. You have to let the Siva Oilstiks dry completely (about 48 hours) before applying the pen (or another medium) on top.

I add turquoise blue (Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels) to the background. This color really vibrates against the hot red/orange background. I also decide I want the bird on the other side for balance-plus he's too squished in the corner! I use gesso and cover him up.

* These Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels are amazing! I use them in my journals/sketchbooks/paintings. Thanks for joining me in my painting process -feel free to ask any questions. See you next week!  BTW, setting up my website is driving me a little loopy!


kerri said...

i love that you showed us the process- how great! :)

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooo beautiful Soraya, I love your process here, and thank you for sharing it with us. Yeah, the Portfolios are them...

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

I'm learning so much just from watching your process here. Thank you so much for sharing this! I especially love the tips on which paints can be used together, etc. As a complete novice I've been perplexed by which products to use together.

By the way, I love the pop of blue!

Anonymous said...

your work is beautiful, It was great to see someone else's steps thank you

Caroline Martin said...

Thanks for posting your progress. I too, love to see other artists work, to see what makes them tick and what they add to their canvas's to brng in texture etc..
Love the use of the paper doily for the collar and music sheets for the dress etc...
Nice work. Look forward to checking back later.

Liliana Lucki said...

Felicitaciones.Muy bello.