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Monday, June 28, 2010

This and That

This is the last week of Flying Lessons and let me tell you, it has been an amazing experience! I can't believe  a whole month has just flown by (no pun intended!)...but, here we are! Kelly Rae has been an amazing teacher and I already notice huge changes in all of us. There is just so much info + heart + inspiration...I can barely keep up!
In other news, I am trying to set up my website. I have been meaning to do it for such a long time but...have been prodded now by ...Flying Lessons! I have decided to go with Squarespace. It is such  a learning curve for me but...I am hopeful that I will have it up and running soon! Well, at least within the next month!
Also, Tara is just growing like a weed! I can barely believe it! It's such  a bittersweet thing to see...on one hand, I am also proud of every little thing she does; it just fill my heart with such joy. And on the other hand, I wish I could just stop time and keep her my little baby forever...sigh
Great news! Tim is flying down this weekend-lots of family time and fun stuff planned this 4th of July! Can't wait for those big bear hugs:)
Happy Monday!


scrapwordsmom said...

I haven't kept up well with the class. I have been copying it off then reading at my pace. It is so much!!! I have really learned a ton.

amy said...

i'm so excited that you had such a good experience with the class. i am kind of kicking myself for not doing it, but hopefully there will be another time. it seems like you've learned a ton, and i'm eager to see your new site! i know it takes time, though. and yes, doing websites--it's all a learning curve and requires patience. good luck!!!
looking forward to your process painting tomorrow :) and have a great fourth of july weekend!

patty said...

Yes, it has been quite a ride!! I think all the connections have been the most amazing part! I haven't read everything yet, but I feel that there is no rush... I can't put that pressure on myself. I'm going to print parts and read them at my leisure - better that way I think!! Look forward to seeing your website (take it slow....)

kerri said...

good luck building the new site! can't wait to see it up soon- :)

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

How do you like Squarespace? I've set up a couple of different websites through them in the past & loved their service. When I decide to create another website I'll definitely use them again. Can't wait to see what you create!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!