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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mothers Day

This picture was taken about 6 months ago and is my favorite pic of me as a mom. It is right around the time when I really started blooming as a mother. Really started trusting and believing in my instincts and my ability to be a good mother to my baby. Prior to that, I was floundering around...reading so many books and always questioning my choices. Motherhood came to me later in life (I turned 40 the same month I gave birth!) ...and I had no one to guide me ;  nobody. Just me, a whole bunch of books and google! My husband always supported me in all my decisions but he didn't know anymore than me in this dept. I went through a really difficult time but...Motherhood has been the most tremendous blessing in my life. I was so afraid when I was pregnant-would I be a good mom? But I took to motherhood like  a fish to water! Every day I think I can't possibly love her any more than I already do but the next love grows. Motherhood has been a river, deep and wide and long; carrying me to all the parts of mySELF. Treasures and tenderness I never knew I had and a fierceness and protectiveness that surprises me even now.  I never though I would have this experience...Happy Mothers Day to all moms, aunts, sisters, grandmas, daughters, friends...we all share in this.



Anonymous said...

adorable picture of you and baby and loving painting with birds!

rachel awes said...

& happy mother's day to you too!
so sweet of you & your children
& the birds sing beautifully, as you clearly know how to create beauty! x

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture, happiest of mother's days to you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo of you and Tara, thanks for sharing it! And thanks for the wonderful comments you left at my blog last week. I really appreciated them & they were a wonderful reminder to stop being so hard on myself and to enjoy this precious time. I haven't forgotten my promise to share my favorite memories of California. Today I manage to make a little post about a favorite restaurant we use to visit all the time in Dana Point, Ca. Have I mentioned the restaurants out there are SOOO much better?!! I'll try and post more of my thoughts and memories this week while you're away so you'll have a few entries to look through all about my California time. Hope you are enjoying your cruise!

Lis said...

Such a beautiful photograph - and happy mother's day to you! (I know you are away, but isn't every day a mother's day?) It is amazing what we learn by becoming a mother - I think no matter what the age, there is a period of struggle or doubt as if everyone but me knows how to do this. Then our children teach us we are the only ones who know how to parent THEM.

I am excited to tell you, I also signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts course, thank you for the nudge!

I also want to acknowledge how powerful your journey is and what it means to me to come here and read your words, see your art. I have a little award over on my blog for you - no pressure to do anything, but when you have a chance come grab a slice of virtual cake.

Hope you are having a wonderful time!

Namasté - Lis

dandelion dreamer said...

Hello there and welcome back on May 11th. I shall be in Scotalnd by then! great to meet you via Kelly and loving you blog. Can't seem to find how to follow your blog....must be missing something! Moira x

Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day to you, you are so beautiful in this tender moment with your child. My girl Maya turned 12 yesterday and there is nothing more magical than being a mother. Most of the time...Ha..

t does wool said...

now,,,how beautiful you are.
and Happy Mother's Day to you.