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Friday, April 30, 2010


I am finally packing for our cruise and am so excited! I went to Borders yesterday to pick up a few mags for my trip and snatched up the new edition of Artful Blogging-scrumptious! So into my suitcase it went! I promised myself that I wouldn't start reading it now but couldn't resist a sneak peek.. There are some wonderfully magical pics of India that really brought back so many memories for me. But am going to save the mag for some relaxing time on the ship:)
On another note-I have always been an "off the beaten path" kinda' traveller but since this is our first trip overseas with baby Tara -I am having a lot of trepidation and fears. I have been thinking "what if she gets bit by a monkey in Belize?" or "what if someone tries to steal her in Mexico?" or...I am trying not to be too psychoticically paranoid but I worry so much about her sometimes. I guess it's all part of being a mom:)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Just stopping by from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class. Looking forward to getting started!

take care,

Miriam xoxo
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Jacqueline said...

Oh my how wonderful! I have not been to a cruise but i bet it's alot of fun! Have a lovely merry happy trip! Looking forward to hear all about your adventure at the cruise! Love to you!


Lis said...

Safe journey! I look forward to reading all about your trip and am sending good thoughts that all goes smoothly with your daughter (it will!)

i am pretty much ready to sign up for Kelly Rae's class :) Thank you for the nudge. It is exciting to see you blossoming here ... your work is so rich and inspiring, it needs to be out there!

now, go enjoy! love, Lis

Kerri said...

hope you're having fun on the cruise!

i've never heard of that magazine, artful blogging, but since you mentioned it, i'm going to look for it when i pop in the bookstore today- thx!