My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

rested, rejuvenated, relaxed...

We are back from our was such an AMAZING time. I took a gazillion pics, rested up, had a few of my fave drinks (pina colada with lots of Jamaican rum!), read, spent time with my family, listened to reggae, calypso, salsa...Just posting a few of the pics that (I think) really captured the experience. Please... come along with me...

                    Lots of lazy mornings on the Lido deck...
early morning...wind in her hair...happy...

me...morning coffee...relaxed...

 lots of quiet time... reading, writing, dreaming...(with a cup of tea and pastry close by!)

little sand...for the 1st time...MAGICAL!! (7 mile beach, Grand Cayman)

taking a dip in Mahogany Bay (Honduras)...that's me pointing at our ship!

drinking fresh coconut Belize City, Belize

This is the man I bought it from. My hubby refused to drink it (he thought the conditions were less than sanitary!) but I loved it! ...refreshing, cold, delicious!

We bought 2 beautiful handcrafted wooden bowls from this man. We tried to support local people whenever possible.-Belize City.

Me...content...Cozumel, Mexico...(love this lime green wall)

                                  Afternoons filled with ..

playing in the pool ..

                                ------------------------------ times...

                                       Lounging around
                                  Lots of time with daddy...

New friends...This is a kind and gentle spirit...Ansella. She is one of the childcare workers on the ship...we loved her! Hi Ansella:)


I met an artist on the ship-Janette McKean who was on her way to retire in "the middle of nowhere" in Belize!! Janette-if you read this-I hope that your new life is everything you hoped for-and more! I also hope you start a blog so we can keep up with your adventures:)

Lots of delicious gourmet food. Way too much food...with exotic ingredients ...jicama root, saffron, coucous... This is wild Atlantic salmon with garlic potatoes, fat chunks of buffalo mozarella cheese and tomatoes... roasted artichoke hearts and brocolli...

Lazy evenings on the deck, listening to Bob Marley in the mild breeze...

Mothers Day...My heart is full...

Thanks for looking...We had an AMAZING time but we are all cruised out!! Glad to be back home and getting back into our routine. Okay, I miss the good life a little bit...still...glad to be back home!


amy said...

i love your blog, your art and your kind words you left on my blog :) i appreciate your support--what a nice surprise it was to receive your words.

the cruise looks absolutely amazing and delightful. i saw you're reading women who run with wolves! i just picked that up at an estate sale a few weeks ago and it's by my bed--waiting to be read. And I have heard of Carolyn Myss. I'm going to look her up right now!

Lis said...

It is rainy and cold here this morning, so what a treat to see your wonderful pictures of sun, fun, love and relaxation. The pictures of your daughter are gorgeous! She just radiates the love her momma shines down upon her :) You all look like you had a fabulous time. I am envious :)

i giggled to see Women Who Run With Wolves on top of Artful Blogger (just re-read it) and am excited to be in an online class with you. Now you are rested, refreshed and ready to go!

I would be honored if you used one of my photos in a blog post - thank you for asking.

To "grab" your slice of cake: If you have a Mac, control click on the image and a pop up screen should come up where you can select "save image as" and you can save it to your desktop or where ever you want to store it. If you use a PC, then I believe you just right button click to do the same thing.

To add a badge (like Kelly Rae's) she provide the link in that box of code underneath the badge. Copy that and then go to your blog, hit Customize/Edit layout and you should get a screen with your blog's layout. Select "Add Gadget" and from that list select "HTML/Java Script." You paste the code for the badge in the "Content" box and you can type in the name of the badge/class in the top box (or leave blank)

You would do something similar if you want to post your Happy 101 badge except you Add Gadget, select Picture and then type in where you want people to link to if they click on the badge (perhaps your blog post or mine where I name you) To get the actual image, you then click Choose Image button to grab the image from your computer (I tend to put things on the desktop for this and then delete when I have them on the blog)

Once you play around with the gadget feature, you will find it pretty easy. And you can always delete. Hope this makes sense!

rachel awes said...

your trip looks AMAZING!
& both you & your little one
are so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky lady you! It sounds like you had such a lovely time on your cruise. I'm so happy for you. With all that you have going on I'm sure the break was just what you needed. Your photos are gorgeous! Especially love you in front of the lime wall. And your daughter is a darling doll baby, what gorgeous hair! So glad you had a great time but it's good to have you back in blogland with us :). Thanks for encouraging me to take the Kelly Rae ecourse. I signed up just a little while ago. I'm so excited about it!

I'd hoped to have more posts up at my blog with photos from my time in California but life has gotten in the way as usual. My baby hasn't been quite herself (tummy issues with accompanying diaper rash) and I've had a 4 day migraine that even my perscription medicine can't kick but I know I'll be back in the swing of things soon. I did start a strictly photography blog (that I'm going to share with my hubby, he takes photos too)at and I got a few of my iphone photos from our last days in California uploaded, but none of the good quality photos yet. Hope to get to it soon! Maybe with the motivation I'll get from this new course we're taking I'll get myself a bit more organized.

Anyway, love the photos and so glad to have you back! See you in Kelly Rae's class!

Lis said...

ooo ... lovely badges on your sidebar ;)

Isn't it fun to get so excited by figuring out how to do these "new" things? (Of course, I don't dwell on the fact a teenager could have figured it all out in a fraction of the time it took me!) I am glad my directions were easy to follow. That is about the extent of my tech abilities :)

i just had to come back here to see that picture of your daughter smiling with the water bottle in her hand. Her face just melts my heart!

And I am so excited to see what happens after Kelly Rae's course. I look at your art and see a woman on the cusp of full blown magnificence. Or more correctly, you are there and just not fully aware of it yet.

Welcome home ... you were missed!

xxo Lis

Rani said...

What a wonderful journey for you and your family!!!! Love reading your was as if I was right there talking to you! Looking forward to connecting with you more!

Rani said...

btw-Your daughter is tooo cute! It would be so nice to have a playdate, my girls would just love it!

ArtPropelled said...

Such an interesting post. Your little girl has grown(beautiful like her mom). The first time I visited your blog she was a tiny baby. I enjoyed seeing what you are reading (similar to my taste in books)and now all I can think of is sipping a cup of tea.