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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Dear friends...I haven't been here at my blog for awhile...I have so much to write about...but life has been happening at lightning speed despite my best intentions to cultivate mindfulness. Tim had two major surgeries this year and while everything went really well...recovery has been...well...recovery. And while I can focus on all the things we have learned from the process...because we have learned a ton... (like being grateful for our health, making more time for love and laughter and presence)...the truth is...surgeries suck. Big time. Being sick, chronic pain, fear of the unknown, our bodies not functioning as they once did...all of It's just really difficult. But we are (mostly) on the other side of through. Plus...I have been in recovery too...a whole other blog post on this one of these days plus...parenting and homework and painting and all of that thrown into the mix. As you can see...overwhelm.

So...these past couple of weeks we have been unplugging. Doing a whole lot of building sandcastles, watching sunsets, drinking lemonade, barefoot living, collecting seashells and living at the beach. We so desperately needed this! Of course...I forgot to pack most of my stuff...for some strange reason I left all my electronics at home, the camera malfunctioned halfway through our trip. I even forgot most of my make-up. At first I panicked...but then I realized... I really didn't need all that much. My sunglasses, a few mags and a book...a swimsuit...totally okay with that. Completely unplugged.

And for some reason...this Bob Marley song keeps playing in my head..."Don't worry...about a thing. Every little gonna' be alright. Woke up this the rising sun. Three little birds beside my doorstep. Don't worry...about  a thing." Something like that.

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laurie said...

I've missed you, Soraya! So glad you had a chance to visit the beach with your family. Take care and I hope you will continue to post your inspirational insights.