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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

start where you are

 "The road of change is before you always: the only line stitching this world's scattered parts."
                  - Ghalib
 There have been so many changes around here lately (both internally and externally) that it's so easy to get overwhelmed...and I have been. With Tara starting school full time...we have all had to do some major adjusting, changing... recalibrating. I am starting to discover who I am now, present day, and...who I want to be. I have been journaling, going on photowalks, painting + reading, reigniting my love of cooking + poetry...healing the deepest parts of my broken self and facing truth without flinching. There has been immense pain, vulnerability, tenderness and anger...and it is all liberating me, strengthening me. To share my truths, to forge my journey and to continue on this journey of soul mending and truthtelling. Of thriving + blooming. Of reaching for my best self while accepting all of mySELF. I am giving mySELF permission to change, evolve + grow...what a beautiful thing!!! Not to say that it isn't terrifying and painful...this casting off of old selves and skins...this shedding of untruths that you were forced to claim and accept as your own...this  writing of your own stories. This standing at the chasm of your past + your future...bridging the self you were with the self yet to be birthed. It's terrifying + exhilarating all at once. "I wouldn't give nothing for my journey now".

And when I falter + fail and become I often do...I remind myself of these truths: Once you start seeing, you can't "unsee". Once you open your eyes to the beauty, gifts + frailty that lie can't ignore them or throw them away. Once you embark on the can't turn back for even if you are already a changed person. Start where you are, I hear. And I am listening dear friends...I'm listening. With a wide open heart claiming all of my humanness.

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