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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

changes around here

 There have been so many changes around here lately...Tara started full day school and it has been a huge adjustment for our family. I am so lost without my girl. Ever since she was born I have spent all my days with her and while I realize how very fortunate I am for that time...things simply aren't the same. The house is so empty and quiet without her...the hours stretch out before me and there are reminders of my sweet girl everywhere. But she is thriving and blooming and full of energy, curiosity and spunk ...and that makes me ever so happy. So much of parenting is about letting tiny steps...while remaining grounded in loving support as she ventures out into the world. I am treasuring all these moments...every single step of the way.

I am slowly getting back to painting...this is my latest art journal I'm working on. In the meanwhile I wanted to share some awesomeness with you. Things I think are wonderful, amazing and brimming with goodness.

*This article by the brilliant, witty and hilarious Anne Lamott that had me both laughing + crying at the same time. Spilling over with truth, insight and wisdom....I am going to print it out and re-read it often. Absolutely resonates with me right now in this fragile time of healing, truthtelling ...deconstructing and reconstructing mySELF.
* This TED talk right here by Aimee Mullins about redefining adversity, what constitutes a sexy body and her 12 pairs of legs!!! This lady is straight up amazing, inspiring and the freakin' boss!! What more can I say...just watch her!

* I just received this book a few days ago and dived right in....absolutely love her philosophy of creating an environment for children to create, fail, experiment...thrive!!! Love, love + love...and ever so grateful for the ongoing work of Julia Cameron.

* these construction paper crayons. I bought some for Tara and she loves them...vibrant colors that are so fun.Going to try them out in my art journal!
And my girl a few days ago...telling her toys (and me) a story about a dragon, some eggs and a red bird. Absolutely love her expressiveness, her creativity, her ability to take bits and pieces of her world and weave them into fantastical stories. She takes her storytelling very seriously:) xxx

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