My He(ART)-Full Life

Monday, March 3, 2014

a little bit of truthtelling

It's difficult not to compare ourSELVES with others...our lives, our journeys, our mothering...everything! And now, with social media, these comparisons can get even more intense, hostile and downright toxic. Sometimes after reading a blog post or FB post...I can tend to feel depleted, envious and lacking. And of course...none of these things take place in a vacuum...those feelings have to be  within me in the first place. Of course, knowing this doesn't make it any easier!  I think we are all vulnerable to it...I mean, it's a human tendency, no?? Things tend to appear to be 'perfect" online...I mean, no-one takes photos of dirty dishes, right:) But deeper than the surface comparisons are the more insidious ones...and those can really do a number on me. And's difficult to throw off jealousy and longing and embrace my very own journey. I see others engaged in things I simple can't fit into my life right now...and I have to take  a deep breath into the here and now and step into acceptance. I have to consciously focus on gratitude and the realization that we each have our very own path to carve out...a path that only we can walk. Lately...I have stopped focusing on the noise...and just trying to find my way, center myself and step into the possibilities of mySELF. Just a little bit of truthtelling today. xxx

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