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Monday, February 24, 2014

painting at the kitchen table

 Tara has been sick with the flu for the past I set up all of my painting stuff at the kitchen table and have been painting up a storm while she has been snoozing, watching movies and resting.I've been having so much fun...playing + experimenting. Truthfully...these past many months, I haven't had much time for painting, blogging and photography because Tara has truly needed me so much more and I decided I would scale back...just doing tiny bits and pieces here and there. She's only going to be little once...and time is just a flying on by. But...I have missed all of this so much...So, while I have been tired over also feels really really great to get my hands all messy again!!!

And this is Tara today...feeling so much better, thank goodness:)

And of course nothing spells comfort food more than homemade pies!!! It's cold + dreary outside ...and I am dreaming of spring. In the meantime, though, keeping toasty warm. Happy + full of gratitude for so much.

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kelly said...

You are such a great mama, and I'm so glad Tara is feeling better. xo