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Monday, February 10, 2014

making beautiful messes

Since we've been having tons of snow days over here...I set up all our painting supplies at the kitchen table and we have been creating beautiful messes! I am working on watercolor paper instead of my usual gallery wrapped canvasses and am loving the new surfaces. Tons and tons of layers ...first gesso, then flattening them out under a stack of books overnight (a trick I learned from Danielle Daniel's Herstory painting class) and then the fun begins!!! Acrylics, inks, found papers, stamps, portfolio oil pastels, watercolor crayons...and then splatters + drips and thick layers on top of that...scrubbing back and revealing what's underneath. Loving the colors here as well as all the history (hidden + showing). So much of my backgrounds get all covered up...but still love all the layers that add to the piece...that tell our stories.

And of course Tara has been loving all the arty messes too:) I signed her up for an art day camp that she really took to. She loves doing her own thing...especially  since she's five now, thank you very much:) I just show her a few things, give her the materials and then steer clear.

And...this is still our view around here...brrrrrrrrrr!!!

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kelly said...

Messy art is my favorite kind. Happy Belated Birthday to Tara!! :)