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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

some thoughts on making a commitment to health

Since I turned 45 last week, I am more mindful than ever of the invaluable gift of good health and I have wholeheartedly made a commitment to it. It works so much better than a New Years resolution (which I never seem to be able to maintain) or a program to lose that last 10 pounds. A commitment just sounds more workable to's a state of mind, a state of being. It's not about denying myself , forcing myself or beating up on myself when I inevitable fail. It's about a long term lifestyle choice that involves large and small choices...sometimes in every moment. So when the alarm goes off at 5 in the allows me to make the choice of getting up and going to the gym (which happens most days) or....turning it off and getting more sleep because I really need it (hello self care!!!). Without the side of guilt:) Yay!! I find that when I look at good health through this lense, it allows me to make wiser choices over the long haul.

 It allows me to make much better food choices too...not 100% of the time...but most of the time. Juicing, smoothies and munching on raw veggies make up the bulk of my diet so I can splurge on special occasions or just when I especially feel like it. And I can always keep in mind the long term goal of my commitment to good health. And seriously,'s not about what I look like or fitting into size x's about being healthy, feeling good and being able to be my very best self . After becoming a mom...I really understand (and accept) our march toward mortality. I just want to be as healthy as possible for me + my family.
And, of course, self care is holistic, isn't it?? It's about our entire spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being. It's about inviting more peace, love + joy into our hearts, homes + lives. It's about letting go of shame, unworthiness, "not enough"-ness. It's about trusting myself to make good choices, looking within and letting go. It's about thriving. candles, reading, writing, photowalks, gratitude, setting boundaries, making me time, getting enough all factors in. I've invested in some super warm and comfy pajamas, luscious soaps and hand creams to feel pampered. And I'm in major de-cluttering mode...getting rid of stuff I don't use. It feels great...making space for!

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patty said...

Totally agree - it's a complete life-style thing. And, yes, as we get older.... more important. Sounds like you are taking some positive steps! I feel like I've got good healthy habits established for the most part... but the holidays have a way of messing all that up! Thank goodness for January and happy birthday (45 seems soooo young!)