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Sunday, November 24, 2013

this + that (around here lately)

 Friends...we have been deeply immersed in creative play over here! Last week, Tara and I made a huge batch of glitter play-doh (super simple recipe here) and have been having a blast ever since! Play-doh is one of the most amazingly simple creations...ever, ever, ever!!!! The sky's the limit as to what you can do with it...models,bakeries, experiments, name it. Some great links here, here and here but a quick google search with literally bring up countless sites. Now...I does make  a huge mess but the 20 min. clean up afterwards is well worth it.
Also, about  a month ago, I started reading this parenting book and I got through  a few chapters and realized it was awful!!!!Seriously!!! I really try not to give bad reviews but I felt that the approach  was just plain wrong. I will spare you all the details but ... I am not sure how books like these can even be published under the guise of "helping parents + children".  So after some research...I purchased this book instead and, even though I am only on the second chapter, this book has been amazing!!! Lets just say that there has been more getting on the floor, more play, more imagination, more storytelling + more fun = happy Tara!!

 This is Tara's creative space in the corner of my studio. This used to be my sewing area but it was a wasted space because I don't sew that much (cushions, curtains, doll clothing)...and I just thought it could be better utilized giving it to Tara (great decision!!!). I set everything up so she has easy access to them...markers, crayons, watercolors, papers, paper flowers, feathers, buttons etc etc etc (although I did put the glitter and tempera paints out of her reach!). Not only does she adore her grown up art studio...but she has been creating up a storm! I guide her, show her techniques but most of the time...I let her do her own thing. Nothing makes me happier than watching her! does mean more messes in my studio...but also...well worth it!

My gorgeous girl at her school Thanksgiving feast last week. I just stood there (very very thankful) and took it all in...the tilt of her face, the singing, the still chubby fingers clapping...the sheer beauty of it all. *sigh*

I've also been making time for self care over here (much needed all year round but especially around this time of year, no???)  I've been working out on a regular schedule, having my morning smoothies (chock full of spinach + chia seeds etc) but also allowing myself to indulge every so often. This is a slice of cheesecake (plain= my fave!!!) from the Cheesecake Factory no less (the best!). I find that a cup of tea and a few mags, writing in my journal even for 15 mins. replenishes me throughout the day. 

And we spent all day yesterday setting up our Xmas tree etc. I's not even Thanksgiving yet!!!! But last year was such  mad rush that I decided to get everything ready so we can really relax and enjoy the season. I want more time for crafting + baking, for storytelling and playing...for snuggling in front of the fire and creating memories rather than everything going by in a blur. Plus, this way...we have the tree up for longer:)

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liesl said...

such an awesome entry. i've read my fair share of bad advice books -- can't believe they stay stocked, you know? anyway, your daughter is beautiful and it looks like you are an awesome down-to-earth momma. =)