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Thursday, October 10, 2013

International Day of the Girl (and other great stuff!!)

 Today is International Day of the Girl...and this brave and beautiful girl makes me cry. In all the best ways. She's determined and brilliant and humble and ...she's up for the Nobel tomorrow!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll win...not only because of the work she does but also because of the attention she will draw to the plight of girl's education (or lack thereof) worldwide. Dear Malala...I am so proud of you! Keep on shining that bright light of yours.

I've been reading  a ton of short story collections these days...I have always loved this succinct art, in a few pages, entire worlds and lives can unfold. I especially love drinking  a cup of tea and reading a story before bed. This particular one has some of my fave authors...loving it so far! And...speaking of short stories...Alice Munro won the Nobel in literature today!!!! Okay...I am  her works (and Margaret Atwood) were required reading for so many of my classes from high school onwards. But can I say how proud I am of her???? I was over the moon to hear the news this morning!!!

I know this is not the best pic (I had to do some re-sizing and the quality and clarity was lost)...but here are 4 of my art prints hanging up at the Women and Gender Studies conference room at the Eastern Kentucky University. At the heart of my work lies the empowerment of the female I am especially thrilled to see my work here!!! The truth is,  a lot of times, I question the value of what I do...I struggle with the worth of my work and the fact that I have to create in snatched pieces of the edges of the day. So...times like this really help me go forward on my path...step by (small) step.
Happy weekend friends!

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Lisa said...

We're thrilled to be able to showcase your amazingly beautiful and empowering work! Thank you!