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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

searching for my style

Things have been super hectic over here...but in such a great way!! I have been using my sketches from Herstory while I inspiration. and speaking of inspiration...I was a little apprehensive about signing up for Danielle's class because of the time factor...but I am so glad I did!!! Her videos are amazing, inspiring and are allowing me to define my art in a very personal way. You guys...if you are struggling with finding your style, are stuck in a creative rut or simply want to take an amazing class ...this is it!!! She speaks to me in a way I understand...straight to my heart and soul. I am ever so grateful to be able to learn from her.

One of the things I am finding my way back to is incorporating Indian text into my work. It's very personal to me, very important to me because, you see, I have completely lost my mother tongue. English is my first and only language and it pains me greatly that I have lost this part of Indian text in this way allows me to reclaim a small part of it in some way.

This background was created using a few of the new techniques I'm learning from Danielle...I have absolutely no idea where this painting will lead. That's so much of the fun, isn't it??

In other news...over the weekend I helped Tara bake her very first apple pie!!! It was cinnamon-ey goodness all over the place! Tara was so proud and happy! I finally feel as if we are settling into a school routine over here. I have so much more to back soon!!

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Kelly said...

Wait...what? Tara is in school?! I've missed so much. So happy to see you are doing well, and excited to start catching up again. Xo