My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 The truth is that for the past...I can't even tell you how long (!!)...I have been creatively stuck!! Seriously stuck as in "I need to grow past this and push myself into a new phase" stuck. But...the truth is also this: I just haven't had the time to get into my studio as much as I used to. So...imagine how over the top happy I was to see this super amazing (Canadian) girl offering up a class that just struck  a chord in my heart. It's called Herstory!!!! And it sang out to me!! Happy day!!! It just started today and already I have an arsenal of tools to push me creatively. Danielle showed us so many different ways to free ourselves up, tap into the deep reservoir of creativity that each of us have  and kick that pesky inner critic straight to the curb!!! It's different types of sketching and drawings that can really propel us to find our own true creative voice. And I can carry my sketchbook with me anywhere, right??

Already I feel as if something is clicking!!! Something is being allowed to unleash itself...stories are opening up to me ...some that have been locked away for most of my life. Feelings of vulnerability and connection and...even fears. But stretching mySELF in all directions over here and it feels so good!!! If you think you may be interested...registration is still open!!

The other stuff that has been going on around here...enjoying the still hot (but short) summery days...settling Tara into school routines and reading up a storm. I picked up a whole bunch on books that I simply can't wait to lose myself (and find myself!!) in. More to share soon. xxx


patty said...

Yay - so glad you are finding inspiration! Alisa Burke had us carrying sketchbooks around too... I am so not a "draw-er" but I did get into it a little. Even took a watercolor set and water brushes with me on our trip for those long, boring hours as a passenger. Can't wait to see what you create!

Meegan, Dreaming in the Gloaming said...

Love coming here and reading your excitement! So glad you've found new inspiration. There must be something in the air as I'm feeling it too. Currently taking Lisa Hofmann's The gift of practice & loving it! Blogging again. Just generally feeling more awake and alive!