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Sunday, September 8, 2013

back in my studio/creating backgrounds

 I haven't been posting many art process pics on my blog lately because the truth is, my time has been so limited in my studio these past many months, that I always seem to forget to take pics!! I'm so happy when I have some time to create...the time just zooms by and before I know pics!! But yesterday I spent all day in my studio...creating backgrounds, experimenting and completing paintings. This is a closeup of one of my paintings...tons of collage and Paynes Grey fluid acrylic at the edges to add age and interest.

 Bubble wrap over the collage...just playing around and intuitively picking colors I love.

I had these Holbein Oil Pastels lying around and decided to use them. I usually use my Portfolio water Soluble Oils (which I adore) but these were fun as well for  a more graphic feel. 

 Another close-up...I add tons of collage and even though much of it eventually gets covered adds layers and stories to the finished pieces. Because that's how we are, isn't it??Made up of layers upon layers of stories...some of which show while others are hidden...just there under the surface or covered up completely.

Adding Ultramarine blue washes over parts of the painting...I decided that the colors were too warm and some contrasts were needed.

This isn't the best pic right here...I added a lighter shade of blue as well as burnt sienna washes. It really adds character, depth and interest to the painting.

Adding stamps...just randomly...playing around and letting go

Adding more collage (found papers using Liquitex matte gel) on top of all this! Washes of teal at the top...

Detail of her hair...

 I am not quite sure how she'll turn out-and isn't that part of the fun and excitement?? But here's my lady making her way into the world!!!

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