My He(ART)-Full Life

Thursday, July 4, 2013

the spirit of things: day # 4

 "Being true to who we are
means carrying our spirit like a candle
in the center of our darkness"     -Mark Nepo (The Book Of Awakening)

This is the altar in my studio. It's a makeshift one of many that are all over our home. They just tend to spring up wherever they are most comfortable and needed. Things that have deep meaning and truth for me, for our family...that hold in their depth...a great and wondrous spirit. Usually there will be a few candles, a fresh flower...perhaps  a book I'm reading that sings with life and truth. A photo. A piece of art, my sketchbook/journal...mandala beads, a twig or stone. Things that hold true stories for me...things that resonate with my being. These altars (to me) are not about religion or praying or dogma...but about pausing in heartfelt gratitude for... the spirit of things. It's about taking a few minutes to be truly acknowledge the deep and abiding beauty everywhere. It's about knowing in my heart of hearts that I am a part of the whole. It's about reminding me to open to joy, to sorrow, even. It's about reminding me to be true to mySELF just as a tree is true to itself. It's a call for me to walk into my whole life with whole heart.


Gary Weller said...

Well said.

The reminder to 'be there' for yourself is so paramount these days.

Anonymous said...

i'm so enjoying these posts! i've just come out of a tired stretch ending in a great day out followed by sleeping 4 days straight and since puttering around the garden a couple of times yesterday i feel my soul relaxing and stretching again...
yes, the light, the self care, the surrendering to the loving universe, mmm...thanks for writing it so well! xxx