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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

new rules: Day #2

When I was (much, much) younger, I used to write out these "rules" and revise them every so often. It all went into my diary/journal/sketchbook and usually these "rules" were a reflection of whatever was going on in my life at the time. So...for instance...when I was vegan for a year some of my rules were "no eating dairy...ever!!" was, like...22!!!. Or...if I just got out of a particularly not so good of my rules may have been "no dating for the next x# of months". It seems a little silly now as I read through those long ago pages but the truth is, that having those rules written down.. kept me on track! Kind of like a secret cheering squad that kept me accountable in some way because if I broke one of those rules I had written really gave me pause. But as I became older, I did away with those types of rules; I threw away absolutes. Nowadays my "rules" are pretty simple. They still reflect my life yet are not very situation special but rather very broad foundational type ones that can apply to just about any situation. goes!

Rule #1: There are no rules!!!! In life and art and parenting and relationships and every situation in between...there simply are no rules! It's all very relative and specific to the situation, I think. I may say...well...always be kind. But I feel that I can't always live up to that and maybe I'm exhausted or hormonal or...perhaps the situation doesn't require kindness.  So...I feel that I may try to be kind most of the time...but sometimes I will fail. Terribly so. And that's okay...I just get up the next day and try again. 
Rule #2: Keep it simple. I find that in just about every situation...I want to keep things simple. I don't want to stress out over the small things...I want to be present and sink into the moment. So...if we are having company over...I prefer ordering pizza and having more time to talk + laugh and such rather than stressing out about "did the dinner turn out okay?" or so exhausted from cooking all day  etc. Simple is good! Candles, bare feet, pizza + good company = win/win!
Rule #3: Keep it healthy!Whatever the situation, I really try to ask myself this it healthy (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically). I find this to be a fool proof way to bring me back to center and point the way for me to make decisions. How do I want to parent? what kind of partner do I want to be? whom do I allow into my life, how can I make time for self care, what does self care even look like for me because that changes all the time! ...all of these large questions can be answered when I use health as my guide. Because truly...when I am not healthy (burned out, stressed, exhaustion as a way of life, unhealthy boundaries, toxic relationships etc)...I am not living my fullest potential, I'm a real pain to be around and am no good to anyone.Period.

 I try to carry these rules into all aspects of my life (creative as well)...and change as necessary:)
**Okay! This is day 2 of my blog challenge and I'm finding out that it's not as daunting when I just try to take it day by day. At least...that's how I feel right now:)

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