My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

link love: day #23

*love reading this blog...and the post The Photos We Need To Take really resonated with me. I felt so much of this when I was her age. Loving all the truthtelling, vulnerability and courage. And yes!! we never know what's ahead:)
*loving this!  50 powerful quotes about poetry (via Susannah)
*love this brilliant invention! just picked one up for myself and Tara!
*started reading this book over the weekend and totally loving it so far. The exercises and writing prompts are both simple and powerful.
*I swear by this company! I've been using their running shoes for years...made specifically for women!! How cool is that??
*LOVE this photo shoot!!! So much heart, courage and sheer gorgeous-ness left me breathless. . Simply stunning!
*Loving this series of books to teach Tara about art
*lusting after these cherry red, no less!!!
*can't wait for this book to be released (mid August)...holy smokes!
*loving this tape...use it to pretty up my journal, stick love notes/inspirational cards on my studio wall...and course...Tara hearts it too!
*my art is on the cover of this e-zine Of Note!!! I did the interview many months ago and it was published at the time...but then I received an e-mail a few days ago saying that my art is on the current cover! Excited and happy!

*loved listening to this video by Maya Angelou...Still I Rise. Inspired!!!
And...of course...welcome to the world Royal Baby!


Lis said...

Oh, how lovely to sink into all this juiciness and inspiration! I've been thinking of you ... so happy to find you are THRIVING and your girl so big! I hope to be more in the loop after this summer ... have been home with my girl which - as you well know - means very little happens outside of pool, patio, playground and the kitchen table!
But soon ...

patty said...

Well, I don't know how you find the time to find all this stuff.... but thanks for sharing!! Looks like you are enjoying your summer!