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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

in my heart: day #17

* my sweet girl...just when I think I can't possibly love her anymore than I heart expands infinitely to allow for more love, more light, more sweetness. I can't believe how fast she's growing independent she wants to be, how articulate and curious and lovely she is. Sassy too:)
* Tim and I are going to be celebrating our  wedding anniversary soon. Where did the time go? With all the moves, deployments, starting a beginnings ...endings...dreams broken and found...time has zoomed by.
*Self care, self care, self care!!!  More and more...I am making room in my life for self care. Exercise, eating healthy, quiet time...those are the obvious ones. But more and more...I am making space in my life for setting boundaries, asking for what I need Self care is a daily (sometimes hourly)...intentional practice.
*I received this book as a gift and am loving it! It's a deceptively easy that wraps itself around your heart and nudges it open. Mark Nepo wrote this book after battling with cancer and the dissolution of his marriage so his perspective is a little different than his other books. Think ...more open, more vulnerable...more human. Love!
* Sabrina Fulton and Tracey Martin  have been in my heart more than ever these days. I am absolutely outraged and saddened by the Zimmerman verdict...where do we go from here? I want to write an entire blog post about it...but truthfully, I am still furious and need to settle down a bit before I can do that. For now...I need to conquer the anger and bitterness in my heart before putting my thoughts down.

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