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Saturday, June 8, 2013

some scenes from my studio this Saturday morning...

 I pegged this message to myself so I can see it while I paint. It's an intention I am feeling in the deepest parts of my heart these days...and I hope I can carry it into every single part of my marriage and mothering, my creating + writing + friendships and ...all of life!!

 Burning sage in my studio this morning to cleanse the air and bring good energy.

This word has been showing up quite a lot in my life lately! Paying attention and feeling very grateful. 

 This orange mint plant fills up my studio with the most delicious fragrance...I can hardly stand it!!! Plus...I pick some leaves to add to my tea = super delicious!

Stamping with artichoke hearts...experimenting, playing + having fun!!

These books are on my summer reading list...and i hope to get through them all. I am almost done Wild and oh!!!! how I am loving this book that speaks to me in the most intimate of ways!!! I can't recommend it enough.

Since I moved everything around in my studio I am loving the gorgeous light that pours in plus seeing all the greenery outside and listening to the birds chirp! I am going to do a full studio tour one of these days but for studio is a wonderfully delightful creative mess!!

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Chris Flynn said...

Hi Soraya... I love seeing where you create, as well as you beautiful husband and child. You are very blessed. It's nice to connect again.

Oh, plus, you might want to be part of 'Where bloggers create' and post pics and have LOTS of visitors. I don't have the link, but you can check my blog:

Sweet blessings! Chris