My He(ART)-Full Life

Friday, May 3, 2013


I took this pic. this morning for the Be Your Own Beloved class I'm taking...and a few months ago...I never would have posted this picture on my blog. Why??? Oh! I don't know...all the gremlins that would be whispering in my ear..."this is ridiculous", 'bad angle adds weight to you", "no dancing", "this is a waste of time" etc etc. But now I am at a place where I am
*letting go of who I used to be +
*embracing who I am (44 year old wife, mamma, artist, creative being)
*shedding "what will they think" gasp:)
*engaging in the moment of ever so precious life
*setting mySELF free with each brave step of daring to be seen
*rewriting so many old + worn out stories (more on this soon!)
So here we are...sunshine pouring in, Bob Marley magic playing, fairy wings + sparkles ...dancing with my girl = wholehearted

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Anonymous said...

and it is a beautiful, very natural, unposed, organic photo! we are looking at the lovely energy between and around you and tara, dancing in a sunny pink mother never did anything like this with me and did not approve of me dancing to world music or with my arms in the air...i don't remember her ever showing any joy in her body, only at a new dress or just possibly playing freedom and laughter and joy in the moment! tara will be able to look back at these fotos if she chooses to be a mum and all the memories will flood back because it is so natural...i think anyway ;)