My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"be your own beloved"

It's been ages + ages since I last took an e-course...mostly because don't have the time right now. But also because I haven't come across one recently that has really pulled at me to commit wholeheartedly. Until I saw the Be Your Own Beloved e-class with the sassy + gracious Vivienne. I love her story, her truthtelling, her pics...and of course...her shoes!! I love the way she shares herSELF so openly + freely. And once I read the class content...I just knew in my heart that this is just the absolute right fit for me at this time. I am making time each day for the next month to really look at mySELF with loving kindness and a forgiving eye. I absolutely believe that self portraiture is a tool to heal, nurture, inspire + propel us in new directions...ones we never could have imagined for ourSELVES. If you think this is a class that might pull at your heart as's not too late to sign up...starts tomorrow!!!


Lisa Gordon said...

Sounds like a wonderful class Soraya.
Enjoy every moment!

patty said...

Hi Soraya, (I'm so far behind!) A lot of people are taking that class! I met Vivienne at Unearth but for whatever reason, we never clicked or kept in touch. I tried... anyway, wasn't meant to be and I've always felt bad about it. Hope you enjoy the experience!