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Friday, April 26, 2013

around here lately...

there has been a shifting in my my spirit + mental space. I am making room for growth, looking at things differently and ...being present. I am standing at the edge of where I used to be and...not quite knowing the direction I'm heading...but having full faith and trust in the process. Taking tiny steps, not over thinking everything, inviting play and abundance into my life.

 Loving this inspiration house...a gift from my sweet friend Dee.

Tara decorating her easel chair. I heart how she has her own style:)

Enjoying the stark beauty of the still winter trees around here. I love their bare bones...reaching up to the evening skies.

Eating super healthy around here. Smoothies for breakfast and I try to have a veggie juice during the day as well. Also...I am rediscovering the many health benefits of coconut oil. I discovered this brand and it is so delicious...pure ambrosia!!!

It's not sandal weather yet but at least the snow has all melted (for now!!) and there's green grass.

*happy weekend friends:) 

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