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Thursday, February 21, 2013

my week

The week started off with sunshine and blue skies...I thought warmer weather  was here to stay and I could pull out some of my spring clothing. Ha!! More on this later! On Tuesday I took Tara to a mall close by (we go there quite often in the Winter because there is an indoor play land for her to meet other kids and jump around). we were walking through the food court to get some lunch...A lady sitting at a table looks at me and says "are you Soraya??". I said yesssss??? A little puzzled because I really don't know a whole lot of people here. But...we know each other through my blog!!!! We both took  a class a while back with Holly Becker and have chatted via FB!!!! OMG!!! She is a polymer clay artist and we just gabbed on and on. We could have chatted forever...but Tara was hungry:) What are the chances of that happening, I wonder. Anyways...I was ever so grateful and of course, we exchanged phone numbers etc and are going to get together soon.What an incredibly small world.

I have been making time to sketch each around with different materials. Getting back to basics.
Drawing hands are still so difficult for me though. I am trying to practice more blind contour drawings and this seems to help. A little:)

I have been experimenting in my studio...using spray paint and paper doilies to create this intricate lacey pattern (love!!). Not sure how much of it I will keep or will show through the final piece. Just experimenting and playing around right now and having so much fun! Also...I have to organize my studio again. Even though I have tons of space...everything is a raving mess and nothing can be found!! I need some sort of a system...all my art materials have taken over!!! I can't even see my studio desk!!!

Friends...I am so happy to share with you that I have an article published in the current Somerset Apprentice!!! I called it Creating Layers of Stories because...that's what I try to do with each of my paintings. It's a gorgeous 6 page spread where I go talk about the inspiration for my work as well as my step by step techniques. I am thrilled and honored to be included in this issue with so many talented artists. A special thank you to Jana Holstein for your patience and hard work and to everyone at Somerset for giving me this opportunity! I feel so privileged to be published by you!

My sweet birdie continues to sprout up like a beanstalk. And she just loves everything colorful + creative + art!!! She is always making projects, writing love letters or drawing. My approach is to let her do whatever she wants without me directing her too much. I make everything available to her (watercolor paints + brushes, markers, crayons, paper, glitter, glue etc) , show her how to use something and then ...just let her create magic. Afterwards...I ask her to tell me about her art...and... the stories that pour out of her!!!! Simply amazing, very detailed + elaborate. Her art is hanging all over our home and I keep the rest in a huge art folder (can't get rid of any of her work!!).

Oh! It's that time of the month, my friends...where I am craving chocolate:) I recently discovered this right here (supposedly more healthy because it's dark chocolate!)...and it is positively sinful.The combination of sweet + salty...with almonds...mmmmm. that I'm 44, my hormones are all out of whack. For a few days each month, I feel like a complete stranger to myself... I start crying for absolutely no reason, become completely irrational or just completely weird out ( I hate half of  the clothing in my closet, want to rearrange all the furniture and feel as if my nose is getting bigger!!!). this a precursor for things to come????Hmmmm! More chocolate, please:)

This is a sketch I did this morning... remembering how much I love combining graphite pencils with watercolors (rich, lush colors). I am pushing the envelope a bit...using deep blue shadows and ripe red apple cheeks. Love the mark making, the time just slipping away...the challenge.  More than anything...I am enjoying the process...the journey. Without any pressure to produce anything...I am free to simply create. Dear sketchbook: what would I ever do without you? I heart you so! xxx

And of course...spring is definitely not here!! We got a huge dump of snow (6-8 inches!!) and are suddenly in a deep freeze! It's so beautiful to look at but all the icy cold winds, shovelling and other yucky stuff just needs to go away! Like...right now. Even though Feb. is the shortest's also the loooooongest. I am so dreaming of everything spring. Tara and I even bought 10 packets of seeds...luscious mammoth sunflowers, Columbine, hot pink echinaceas...all in the hope of luring sweet lady Spring out of her hibernation. But's still winter!!! The sun shines everyday, though, and that makes a huge difference. So dear's been an incredible week in so many ways...I sincerely hope yours has been too xxx


patty said...

Published again, eh? Why does that not surprise me?? 8D Congratulations!!!
And recognized on the street?? Getting famous my dear...

It was so lovely to share the extra copy of Art Journaling with my students (who were so very impressed that I knew the cover artist!)It was perfect timing for them to browse and see all that art journaling can be. They are loving the class and it is keeping me on my toes!

Sorry to report that we have just had a big storm here (snow in the mountains) that appears to be headed your way... hang in there - spring is just around the corner!

ArtPropelled said...

Great to catch up with your news. Congrats on your article in Somerset Apprentice, Soraya! My mouth is watering at the thought of Almond and sea salt chocolate... Yum!

Nicola Purkins said...

Looks like you have had a completely wonderful week.. I wish mine had been full of as much creativity and chocolate as yours!!!