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Thursday, February 14, 2013

heart-full good stuff

* loving this post  by Brene Brown! It's all about random acts of kindness; no gesture is too small, too insignificant. A word of kindness, an act of grace, a smile... goes a long long way.
* I completed this book in a few days...I absolutely simply could not put it down. If you want your spirit to soar, your heart to break open or simply to marvel at an extraordinary spirit. If you have ever wondered what one person can this book!! It is a memoir about outrageous courage in the face of terror and unimaginable evil. Irene Gut is a17 year old Polish girl caught up in the utter madness that was WWII...and what she does is nothing short of miraculous! I dare you to read this book and not be inspired!!!
* I have an interview posted here on motherhood and art. Carin kindly asked me to participate in her Arty Mama series (thanks Carin!). Her questions were interesting and insightful taught me a lot about myself +... it was fun!! You can read it here. 
* Tara and I have been looking at Pinterest to get ideas for her big girl bedroom. Now that she is growing up, she's making more decisions about...everything! So her bedroom is no exception and she has come up with some fantastic ideas (a cupcake bed???!!).  On and's all so much fun see her sense of style and individuality emerge.
* since today is valentines...I am making an eggplant lasagna that I have been wanting to try out forever. The recipe is from one of my authentic Italy cookbooks so it calls for a lot of yummy stuff...sundried tomatoes, garlic, dash of olive oil, fresh basil. Mmmmm! We don't trade gifts but of course  a yummy dinner, cards and some chocolate = love around here:)
* There's a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition at the Denver Museum of Art....and I can't wait to see it!!!
*it's a long weekend  so we are off to some adventures. Hope you are all are doing fine wherever you are and...

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SooZeQue said...

Hello dear friend! I'm still alive.. barely. Wish I was in Colo to go with you to see Georgia O'Keefe's art. So beautiful. I hope to comeback to all this someday soon. I'm almost at the 30 day gone seems like 100 years. xxxooo