My He(ART)-Full Life

Friday, January 4, 2013

love, inspiration + gratitude = grace

"Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness."- (Rumi)
-I am stepping into 44 with all of my heart + soul! Looking back on my life, I am fully grateful to be here. My birthday was so sweet with Tim thoroughly pampering me and Tara making me 4 birthday cards and a play-doh cake:) Seriously, though, it's all about being healthy, present and doing my work. Gifts, all.
-I found  this book at the library by Anne Lamott and devoured it in 2 days!! It's  a collection of short stories that are, all at once, hilarious, profound, zen in their simplicity and, well...brilliant!!! She manages to talk about difficult issues which had me tearing up with sadness and joy!!!totally love!
-Becoming Van Gogh...this exhibition made me want to joy and sorrow and the sheer beauty of it all. Van Gogh is probably my favorite artist of all time...I mean, the man + his soul. I have always had a  soft spot for him...all of his tragedies and gifts. And to be in a room full of Van Gogh's????Inspiring  and breathtaking...and very emotional (for me). This exhibition encapsulates his entire journey and included tons of his earlier works (sketching and drawings too). I loved every bit of it...from his  sombre works to his larger than life colorful portraits. Serious gratitude, inspiration + love!!! 
-I have been meaning to write about this place's the Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder. Tim discovered it a few months ago and it's our very fave. place. they have an extensive tea menu, very eclectic food and the best part??? The entire tea house was transported (piece by piece) from...Tajikistan!!!! Seriously! So there are hand painted ceilings, intricately carved wooden columns...and  get can sit on a bed to eat your meal!!! Handmade textiles adorn the walls and's so cosy + comfortable and beautiful. LOVE!!
-I recently discovered this line of children puzzles and crafts and they are fantastic!!! So artistic, well made and lush with colors. Their line includes ages 4 all the way to 12-14 years old!! Tara adores them!
-bought some mint + lemon hand soap that i use after I paint...and loving how my paints wash off so easily (I think it's the lemon!). And the combination of lemony-minty goodness = heaven:)
-driving on snowy roads through Xmas lights. Tara just loves all the trees lit up...with stars and angels. And the best part for me...taking in the magical beauty of her happiness.


laurie said...

happy birthday! my own is in just three days and i will be celebrating much like you - being thankful for another year in good health and with loved ones.

patty said...

Love your happy and grateful thoughts here, Soraya. Happyiest of birthdays to both of you (I know Tara's is close!(44 and 4, right?)

SooZeQue said...

Happy bday awesome wear it so well. Glad your day was wonderful..a and who doesn't luv play dough cakes - no calories at all. I'm saving the great children's website for my little beauties bays comin up. Thnks 4 the info. Xxx