My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hello sunny CA!!!!

We just got back from our short + sweet vacation. Our trip started off a bit rough...we missed our flight flying out there because we got caught in Denver traffic. Thankfully though...neither Tim or I stress out about things like that. I the grand scheme of not a big deal:) We had an amazing dinner, went to bed early and flew out the next morning. Really, the whole trip was all about taking Tara to Disney for her birthday (coming up next week, I can't even believe). She had an absolute blast! We were at there from dawn to dusk! We had (mistakenly) thought that Tara would be tired at about 2-3 in the afternoon...but no way!!! She has balls of energy that just came out of nowhere and wanted to stay until late into the night. Tim and I meanwhile...were completely exhausted waaaaay before her:) was the perfect time of year to go to CA...not too many crowds, amazing weather and Tara got to meet tons of Disney characters without hours in line. Also, one of the very best parts for me, is that since she is older now...she can really enjoy the storytelling aspect of Disney. All of her fave. stories come to life in ways that spark her curiosity and creativity.

Also...I got to meet up with my friend Patti...we spent  a couple of hours chatting over lunch (about everything from biz to art to creativity  to...). Here we are at Artbeat , it's this absolutely amazing co-op art gallery in the heart of Vista, CA. Patti has her work hanging here (so very proud of you Patti!!)...she showed me around  and introduced me to everyone else. So exciting!!! 

Absolute bliss...I had so much time laying in the sun, reading, dreaming, vegging out. I just couldn't believe the gorgeous weather out there (over here we are way deep in hats + scarves weather, thank you very much!) and tried to take full advantage of it. There was walking barefoot on the sand, ice cream and just taking it easy. So good!

I also met up with sweet + sassy Jane at the Lotus Cafe. We just caught up on, life and everything in between. She also gifted me with her beautiful art and this book (thank you Jane!) but most of all...her sweet spirit. It was so lovely sitting in the sun, sipping tea and chatting...knowing that nothing had to be explained, everything was accepted and understood. Time stood still + flew away from us all at the same time. 

Most of was simply spending time with my family. Tim and I are really growing into our friendship and marriage. Tim is very left brained...all about schedules + practicalities. I am a rightie when we go traipsing through the airport trying to get through security I am pulling out my camera and stopping to take a pic. Tee hee hee. It used to drive Tim nuts but now, I think he has just given up...ahem...I mean...adjusted:) And my sweet birdie right here amazes and delights me to infinity...she really is growing up right before my very eyes and I am trying to take it all in...keep all of these moments in my heart forever.

  Thank you beautiful CA...for giving me such sweet memories...friendship + art, beauty, sun, sea. Thank you for world class cuisine (Greek, Vietnamese and my fave...healthy vegan), outdoor cafes, year round blooming flowers, banana trees and green grass. Thank you for giving me time to sit and read and sip tea + chat with friends. xxx


jane said...

Lovely to see you and talk talk talk, Soraya! Sunny CA misses you already! xo Jane

patty said...

Oh, loved reading this... once again, we are thinking alike and posted almost the same pic!! Short and very sweet is the best way to describe out little get-together - totally worth the effort.
You guys did so luck out with the weather... supposed to rain this weekend! So glad that your rough start turned around and all turned out so well!!

Kelly said...

Wonderful, amazing trip! Tara is growing up so fast (and so beautifully).

ArtPropelled said...

Soraya, I LOVED Traveling Mercies and everything Anne Lamott writes. It was given to me for Christmas and I enjoyed it so much I have just bought Grace Eventually.
What a lovely birthday treat for Tara!So glad you made time to meet your friends and catch up.