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Monday, December 17, 2012

"our hearts are broken"

I didn't find out about the horrible shooting until Friday afternoon...Tara was at school and my heart sank and wept. The nation..and the held in a space of shock, disbelief and grief. All of Saturday...I watched the news...wanting to know more about each little child, the (she)roes and heroes. I cried and held my loved ones close...I lit candles and prayed for the families of those lost. I cried some more. I ranted on about gun laws and stayed close to home. On Saturday evening I listened to the father of beautiful 6 year old Emilie, Robbie Parker speak and was stunned at his grace and spirit. I listened to President Obama speak and I can only agree with with what he said..."our hearts are broken". I cannot imagine what these parents are going you can sent your little one off to school in the morning and have this happen. I cannot imagine what the families are going through, how this little community has been assaulted in this way. I can't understand why we can't protect our children. What I do understand is this...we, each of us, have to treasure each precious moment.
*hold our loved ones and tell them what they mean to us.
*look our for one another.
*reach out. 
*life is fragile.
*there is so much in life we simply cannot understand
*we need love and than ever.

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laurie said...

i, too, was consumed with sadness and thoughts for those affected by the shooting all weekend. i wrote about my feelings here: