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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"light from the sky"

There is a palpable sadness everywhere...hanging thick in the air. Xmas is right around the corner...but I see so much sadness and grief in everyone's eyes. The Sandy Hook massacre has affected us all. I see moms holding their children tighter, more hugs ...tears just below the surface. As more and more details emerge about the heroism of the teachers and the simple joys of childhood that were shattered ...the nation is reflecting. I received this beautiful Xmas card from my sweet friend Jane today..."light from the sky", it reads. And it's just what I needed. It's so difficult to move into the season with joy when I know that so many families are grieving. When I know that this could very easily have happened anywhere in the country. 

This incident has struck a chord with us all. While we try to grasp the impermanence of life, the WHY of it all (as if there are answers), the vulnerability of our children, our deepest fears of being powerless to protect them...and yes! our anger as well. Raw and tender feelings of rage, helplessness, overwhelming sadness have come to visit me this past week...but through it all ...some of the parents I have heard have shown the most amazing acts of courage and grace. I know that for them, the journey ahead is fraught with pain...and so I pray that we can hold their healing hearts with "light from the sky".

As I take a break from my blog for the next week to spend time with my family...I am going to move into the season with so much gratitude. I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas...full of love + light. xxx


GB said...

Soraya, as always I have to agree with you---the past week has been a time of heartbreak and soul searching....I don't think anything can fill the void we all feel, but the only ray of I light I find is in the natural goodness of the people around me. Small acts of kindness that just make the days seem better. As long as there is (immeasurably, thankfully!) more good than evil, I think we'll be okay.

Have a wonderful break with your family.

Carin Cullen said...

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Soraya!

jane said...

I am touched that you mentioned my "Light from the Sky" card in your lovely blog, Soraya. I wish you and everyone some Light as we move forward. xo Jane

patty said...

Soraya, what a radiant pic of your little family! It's been a tough time for sure and it's not the end of the tragic events. Sometimes holding to the light is the only way to stay sane. I love the card and was lucky enough to get one too! Hang it there.... see you next year!



SooZeQue said...

Merry Christmas my beautiful friend. May you, Tim & little Tara be surrounded with Love and Peace always and continue to spread your light and message and hope. Xxxooo