My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, October 28, 2012

good stuff

* coffee houses with art and french pastries and great drinks...who can resist?? This one right here is called Local Color at Pike Market in Seattle (when we were on our trip last week). Tara just loved looking at all the over the top amazing art on the walls.
* this book here by Chloe Owens...I just picked it up and am going to try my hand at her adorable (and easy to do) crafts. Tara especially loves the doorstop kitty so I'm going to sew it for her.
* loving Brene's Daring Greatly Parenting can download it here and the Leadership Manifesto which I now have pasted on my studio wall. thanks Brene!!

*outdoor markets are the best!!! I saw them everywhere in Seattle and Vancouver...fruits, veggies and the most delicious bouquets of flowers...good stuff!
*watched Super Soul Sunday this morning (OWN network) and Gary Zuvak just lit up my soul! He emanated peace and wisdom and truth. One of the things that really struck me about the conversation was how much importance he placed on intention. Oprah also shared about her "disease to please" and how she overcame it with  aligning her actions with her intention.
* writing in my journal...poetry, ideas, gratitude, painting ideas, intention, goals, hurts...everything!!! Filling up pages and dreaming. big.

* loved our trip to Vancouver...soaking in all of the art, culture, natural beauty...good stuff!
Back home and had our first snowfall...preparing for Halloween . laundry. etc.


laurie said...

yes, indeed, there is so much good stuff in this world. thanks for reminding us of, and introducing us to, a few gems.

SooZeQue said...

It's been a at least 35 years since I last strolled the markets in Seattle. So fun. Glad you all had a wonderful time. SNOW!!! - dang it was 90 today!

patty said...

Good stuff indeed! Looks like life is full and fulfilling and I'm sure, as always, that you are savoring each little moment! xox

jane said...

Oh I love Seattle! Everyone should spend some time there. Thanks for sharing. jane