My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

art + heart = magic

My wonderful husband planned a surprise trip for us to Sante Fe...and as always, it is pure magic!! I could live here! Seriously! Every corner is immersed in art and centuries old history and culture. There is a powerfully humble quality to the adobes; they are part of the earth, not separate from. The light is simply magnificent...turning the mountains around the town from all shades of blue to purple to pink. and the art, the art the art!!! Everywhere! Paintings hidden behind trees, old sculptured doors, garden art blending into the landscape, Canyon Road, jewellery, pottery, First nations history + art + culture seeping into everything.

*day 1: early early morning on the square...before anyone was up...I took a brisk walk, grabbed a cup of coffee and fed the birds.

*the cathedral on the square with morning light. It's grand and imposing with a long history.  Sitting under it looking up to the heavens was pure magic.

*right across from the cathedral is a Native American Museum that has a very educational exhibit going on right now. It's all about identity which resonates with me on every level. It's about taking bits and pieces of philosophies and cultures that truly sing true with your soul and then threading them together to form a unique identity.

*day 2: sitting on Canyon Road having a quiet cup of chai...just taking it all in...sunshine, adobes, art art art = happy happy happy

*fell in love with this little gallery on Canyon Road...everything in here was special and sacred.

* treasure trove of goodness

* art hidden among the trees. how beautiful is this???

* 1 + 1 = my whole heart xxx

* I met artist Sandra Duran Wilson...I have her book Surface Treatment Workshop!!! She was absolutely the sweetest. She chatted with me and gave me loads of helpful advice and tips. 

* some of her gorgeous gorgeous work!

*love these little altars everywhere. They are like little secrets hanging in all sorts of places...just waiting to be discovered.

*day 3: early morning breakfast in the park. We grabbed a few goodies (almond croissants from a French pastry shop...OMG goodness!!), bundled up a bit and ate with the birds. Lots of walking + laughing + nature.
We heart you New Mexico. Thank you for all your gifts + goodness, your heart + art...your magic. We'll be back!!! xxx


SooZeQue said...

You're killin' me over here! MY HOME! You need to get up to SHIDONI just a few miles out of town. Get the tour thru the foundry! Be sure and have at least lunch at Pasquals just a street from the Plaza. Wish I was there to show you around. Enjoy your trip... someday we will be there during the same time.

laurie said...

i also love santa fe and the surrounding towns and countryside. sounds like you had a wonderful trip that filled you up with inspiration.

jane said...

I love New MExiCo !! thank you for sharing your photos! xo jane

ArtPropelled said...

Lucky girl! How sweet is that husband of yours to surprise you with this trip. I enjoyed this post so much!